25 days of Sachets

It’s no secret that the minute the temperature drops below 60°F, Christmas is on everyone’s mind. The holiday season is one of the most festive times of the year, when you can’t help but feel a little more peace on earth and love in your heart. Now, you can help your nose feel a little nicer this season, too! We’ve got 25 ways to use a sachet this holiday season, and we’re saving them all for you!


  1. Hide a Balsam Fir sachet in your fake Christmas tree to make it smell like the real thing!
  2. Tuck a Red Door Wreath sachet in your wreath either on the front door or throughout the house for a warm and spicy welcome!
  3. Slip a sweet sachet in your note to Santa!
  4. Tie a sachet on the top of your Christmas gift for a special touch.
  5. Store wrapping paper with a holiday scented sachet so that it smells as festive as it looks!
  6. Display your favorite holiday sachets as part of your home décor.
  7. Keep a sachet with your winter coat so it smells like Christmas.
  8. Add a sachet when you pack your bags for holiday travels.
  9. Take a sachet along to your vacation home and leave it behind as a gift!
  10. Order a variety of sachets and take them with you to parties as hostess gifts!
  11. Add a ribbon to a sachet and use as a holiday tree ornament.
  12. Tuck a sachet in your autumn décor or behind pumpkins on your front porch.
  13. Place a sachet in your guest bathroom so that everyone who visits during the holidays can enjoy a fresh fall fragrance.
  14. Use a sachet as a stocking stuffer!
  15. Include a sachet with a Christmas card for teachers that they can use to make their classrooms fresher.
  16. Are you taking a road trip to visit family this holiday season? Slide a sachet under your seat in the car so that it feels more like a sleigh ride!
  17. Set a sachet on your guest bed to give the room a homey feel that guests can take home with them.
  18. Gift a sachet to your mailman with a Christmas card. A special delivery just for him!
  19. Place a sachet in your entryway so that the first impression you and your guests have coming home is one of warmth and seasonal fragrance.
  20. Do you have a favorite set of Christmas pajamas? Store them with a sachet so that they smell like the season all year long!
  21. Include a sachet with thank-you notes to those who give you a gift this season.
  22. Storing a sachet in your laundry room makes chores merry and bright in the winter.
  23. Making a photo album with pictures from your holiday activities? Include a sachet to help you remember the events more vividly.
  24. Family and guests result in more foot traffic over the holidays. Store a sachet with all the extra shoes to keep things fresh!
  25. Sachets make for the perfect holiday party favor!


balsam fir in tree red door wreath sachet crafty snowman christmas holiday storage cinnamon berries with bird crafty snowman wreath
cinnamon berries on door penguins sachet by tree balsam fir gift wrapping supplies crafty snowman with boots penguins sachet on mantle


We hope you have the happiest holiday season! Let us know how you use sachets to keep things fresh all winter long.

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