Fall Fragrances You Need More Than a PSL

Ah, fall: the long-awaited season of stretchy jeans, loose sweaters, and pumpkin spice. As the temperature dips below 85°F, we can’t help but pull out last year’s scarecrow and mum pots along with our wish list of fall scented sachets for the coming month or two.

Do you love pumpkin spice?

We have a couple of PSL-inspired sachets for you. To enjoy the scent of pumpkin spice without any of the calories, pick up a few Autumn Leaves and Pumpkin Please or Spiced Pumpkin sachets.


Does your Instagram feed turn orange and red like the leaves in Autumn?

Embrace the crisp autumn vibes in your home with Apple Pickin, Autumn Leaves, and Tuscan Grape.


Does fall come with spiced cider and apple muffins for you?

Yum! You can enjoy the sweet smell of spiced cider, spiced pears, or sweet pomegranate with these foodie fragrances: Apple Pickin, Pear Spice, and Pomegranate

Planning to host family for weekend getaways this fall?

Keep your house smelling homey with Anise, Grateful Thankful Blessed, Autumn Leaves, and Amber Spice.

Want to explore more fall scents? Click here for the full selection.

September 20, 2019 — Lainey Graham