National Dog Day

National Dog Day is today! Dogs are some of the most loyal and loved pets anyone can have, and today is a celebration of all the joy, fun, and unconditional love they bring us. Despite the many positive aspects about having a dog, I find that one of the drawbacks is the odors they bring. No one wants their home to smell foul, and when you have pets it’s tough to guard against these odors. I love using our pet sachets in my home to freshen up pet areas with minimal effort. They contain odor-eliminating ingredients and are pet-friendly. Here are some of the ways I use pet sachets:

  1. Sprinkle the contents on the carpet and vacuum
  2. Store with pet blankets
  3. Place a sachet in the car when transporting your dog
  4. Store one with your dog’s toys
  5. Place a sachet underneath your dog’s bed

You can enjoy your dog, but you most certainly don’t have to enjoy their odors! Happy National Dog Day from Jack and I.

Yours Truly,