Passport to Fragrance

What if we told you that you could travel the world on a shoestring budget? Better yet, what if we told you that you could transport to your favorite jet-setting locations without the jet lag, packed bags, and hustle bustle?

Enter: Fragrance. The world is at your fingertips when you allow the power of fragrance to transport you to a new place. When our team is developing new sachet fragrances, we look for inspiration across the globe – including popular travel destinations! Sometimes this is a place we’ve visited where the scent helps us reminisce on special memories. Other times, it’s a place we catch ourselves daydreaming about. We can imagine the smell of the cool breeze, the scents of an open-air marketplace, and the all around fragrance notes that fill our minds with wanderlust.

We invite you to travel the world with us, so pack your bags for a Fresh Scents journey. Here’s your final boarding call for our best-selling travel-inspired scented sachets:

  • Paris: Say Bonjour to the City of Lights with swirls of bergamot and mandarin infused with peach, apricot, and vanilla chocolate.
  • Tradewinds: Imagine yourself on a beautiful coastline experiencing the freshness of the cool breeze and waves crashing against the rocks.
  • Elephant: Embark on an exotic journey with glimmers of bohemian mystique. Spicy golden amber and rich resinous woods kindle a magnetic aura, while brilliant violet blossoms embellish beguiling troves of black currant.

*Pro Travel Tip: How to Use a Sachet: Next time you pack your bags, include a scented sachet in your suitcase. The scent will keep your clothes smelling fresh during your entire trip.

Yours Truly,

August 23, 2018 — Leigh Brown
Tags: Sachet Uses