Don’t Show up Empty Handed To Galentine’s Day

Don’t Show up Empty Handed To Galentine’s Day

February 14th doesn’t always have to be a romantic dinner with your significant other. In fact, it can be the perfect time to show your love for your girls with a Galentine’s get together.
Must-Have Products for New Pet Owners

Must-Have Products for New Pet Owners

For many years, the holiday season has been a popular time for people to add new furry family members to their household. If you’re one of those people, and your children (or your animal-obsessed significant other) talked you into purchasing or rescuing a four-legged friend this year, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of must-have items to help you and your new fur baby transition to a new way of life!
January 08, 2020 — Jennifer Blackmon
How to Use Scented Sachets

How to Use Scented Sachets

Picture this: you receive a letter in the mail, and it smells so good! When you open it, you find something called a scented sachet packet with a beautiful design and an even better fragrance. You take a deep breath, inhaling the scent, and it smells so good you want it to smell even stronger! How do you use this scented sachet packet? Should you open it up and toss the inside around like confetti? NO.

Here’s how you use a scented sachet:

  1. Hold the sachet and take a sniff! If you like the scent, keep this one for yourself. If you want it to smell stronger, shake the sachet. This activates the fragrance inside the scent packet.
  1. Should you open your scented sachet? NO. Keep this puppy sealed tight. You’ll want to keep your sachet sealed so that all the fragrance remains inside. This allows the sachet to diffuse fragrance for its intended lifespan - up to 9 months after the date printed on the back of the envelope.
  1. Should you put your sachet on wood? NO. The fragrance oil in the sachet can damage some surfaces if it’s placed directly on them. Read the back label of the sachet to find out which surfaces you should not directly place your sachet envelope on. 
  1. Should you put the sachet in your car? YES. Our scented sachets make great car air fresheners! Place the sachet under your seat in the car, tuck it between your sun visor and the roof of your car, or slip one of your sachets in the pocket on the back of your seat. If it’s summer, you’ll notice that the sachet gives off more fragrance when it’s left in the heat. This will lead to the sachet having a shorter lifespan in some cases.
  1. Should you put the sachet in a closet? YES. You can put your sachet inside shoes to help eliminate foot odor. You can attach your sachet to a hanger and use it to fragrance your clothes. You can store a sachet with your wrapping paper in your holiday closet to make your gifts smell festive! You can also place your sachet in the pocket of coats to keep them from getting musty while they are in storage.



  1. Should you place your sachet with bed sheets or towels? YES. You can slip a sachet in between sheets, linens, hand towels, and the like to help them smell fresh and clean. We recommend Clean Clothes or Laundry Line for this specific purpose.



  1. Should I let my sachet get wet? NO. Keep your sachet in a dry environment. 
  1. Should I keep a sachet with my school supplies? YES. You can keep your children’s backpacks, papers, and school supplies smelling like their favorite scent with a sachet.



  1. Should I put a scented sachet in my luggage when I’m traveling? What about when I’m not traveling? YES. Storing a sachet with your luggage is a great way to keep it from absorbing odd smells from the closet or storage area where you keep your bags between trips. Slipping a sachet into your suitcase is also a great way to keep your bag fresh while you’re away from home. We all know the dilemma of mixing dirty clothes with clean clothes. Separate the two types of clothes in your suitcase with a scent barrier—a scented sachet!


  1. Should I keep a sachet in the bathroom? YES. You can slip a sachet in your magazine pile or use a small easel to display the artwork and enjoy a nice, subtle, enjoyable scent in your bathroom.



  1. Should I put a sachet in the bedrooms in my house? YES. You can place a sachet on throw pillows to provide the final touch to your bedroom décor and to keep the rooms smelling company-ready with minimal effort!



  1. Should I keep a sachet in the kitchen? YES. The best place to keep a sachet in the kitchen is in the liner of your trashcan to keep food odors at bay. You can also keep a sachet under the sink to discretely keep any unpleasant odors away.



  1. Should I put a sachet in my nursery? YES. The best way to use a sachet in the nursery is by keeping one (or two!) in your diaper pail! We hope we don’t have to explain why this is 100% one of the best parenting ideas you’ll ever have.



  1. Do scented sachets make good gifts? YES. It’s a great idea to include a sachet with your holiday cards. You can also use a sachet as a present-topper to provide a festive holiday scent along with your gift. If you give a friend a 6-pack, scented sachets can be a great gift all by themselves.



  1. Should I eat my scented sachet? NO. What kind of question is that? These are not edible. Come on now.
  2. Should I share my amazing sachets with all my friends? YES. post this link to your social all day long. Please and thank you. 

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🤔Should I open my scented sachet?

🤷‍♀️What is a scented sachet?

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July 15, 2019 — Amy Dawes
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What is a sachet?

What is a sachet?

For such a simple product, we sure get a lot of inquiries about sachets. What is a sachet, how do I use my sachet, how are they made, etc. Today we're answering all the most common sachet inquiries. We hope you find an answer to your questions below. Feel free to reach out to us on social @myfreshscents if we missed any of your questions. 

When to use sachet?

        Always, every day. Use a scented sachet whenever you want to take your favorite scent on the go or you want to make your home smell amazing. 

What are sachet bags used for?

        Our sachet bags are used to hold home-grown fragrance and vermiculite, which is like fancy dirt. 

Sachet pronounce

        It's like you start to say "sassy" but you quit half-way through and say the first half of "shade" instead.

Where to buy sachet packets?

        You can get sachet envelopes right here on our site or at a number of trusted chain and independent stores across the country. 

Who carries sachets?

        See above. We do. 

What is sachet packaging?

        Special paper that diffuses fragrance over the course of about 9 months from the manufacturing date on the back. It's biodegradable, too!

How does sachet work?

        Vermiculate absorbs our proprietary fragrances. We put that scented vermiculite in the sachet. The scented envelope diffuses fragrance for you to enjoy! 

Is sachet a real word?

         Yes, it's a real word. We didn't make it up, although we wish we did!

Sachet for drawers

        Not really a question, but just so you know, our sachets are the kind you want to place in your drawers with a piece of fabric or paper between the sachet and your furniture. 

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Spring Cleaning List

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Why Home Décor is Important

Why Home Décor is Important

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Should I open my scented sachet?

Should I open my scented sachet?

Should I open my scented sachet?

In a word, no. Opening a sachet will result in a bit of a mess. The fragrance oil will be exposed to different surfaces that it’s not meant to interact with, and this can result in discoloration or damage to that surface, which we always want to avoid. Look on the back of your sachet for more information about surfaces that your scented sachet should not come into contact with.

Why not open a scented sachet?

One of the best features of a scented sachet is its long life. We promise that you’ll enjoy up to 9 months of fragrance from your sachet after the Julian date on the back of the package, but depending on the amount of air flow and the temperature where you store your sachet, they can last much longer. Opening a Fresh Scent sachet means the fragrance is dispersed, and you won’t be able to enjoy it as long.

In the past, opening a Fresh Scents sachet, pouring the ingredients on carpet, and then vacuuming it up was popular, so this is definitely a valid question for the daily scented sachet user. Vacuuming up the contents of the scented sachet works well with bag vacuums, but it doesn't have the same fragrance effect with vacuums that use filters. For this reason, we recommend keeping your scented sachets sealed and placing them in an area with good air flow to enjoy the maximum level of fragrance. Rather than emptying the contents, just shake your sachet to activate the fragrance!

Better ways to use Fresh Scents sachets:

1. Store a scented sachet with shoes to keep them fresh!

2. Place a sachet alongside linens and blankets to give them your favorite snuggly scent. 

3. Keep a sachet with your wrapping paper so that it smells like Christmas! Read more on holiday wrapping and organization here.

4. Stash a sachet in your car.

5. Include a scented sachet with a hand-written note. Personalize it your way.

6. Hang a sachet in your closet to keep your clothes fresh. 

7. Get a sachet with your favorite saying and place it in a frame for fragrant wall décor. DIY here

8. Display your sachet on an easel for seasonal décor. 

9. Add a sachet as a special touch for teacher gifts! Tutorial here

10. Hide a scented sachet in the liner of your trash can to mask any unpleasant odors. 

11. Keep a sachet under the sink for a sneaky clean scent!

12. Glue a sachet to a pick and insert in fake flower arrangements to give them a fresh floral scent. See how here.  

13. Include a sachet in a party favor bag. The scent will remind your guests of the fun you had together!

14. Hide a Balsam Fir sachet in your artificial tree or wreath to give it real holiday fragrance. 

15. Keep a Baby Powder sachet in your diaper pan. 

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Passport to Fragrance

Passport to Fragrance

The world is at your fingertips when you allow the power of fragrance to transport you to a new place. When our team is developing new sachet fragrances, we look for inspiration across the globe – including popular travel destinations! 
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She Believed DIY Ombre Napkins

She Believed DIY Ombre Napkins

Unleash your inner Girl Boss and plan your next Summer Soiree decked out with pink ombre napkins and fabulous fragrance. Inspired by our She Believed Scented Sachet Envelope, our latest at home tutorial shares how to create DIY Ombre Napkins. Your place settings will be all dolled up with this stylish & simple craft project. You’ll need white fabric napkins, acrylic craft paint, and a fabric medium. Tune in to the video below for all of the details!

Yours Truly,

DIY Ombre Napkins

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Holiday Storage

Holiday Décor Storage & Organization

Like many, every year we climb up in the attic and pull the color-coded plastic bins of Christmas decorations down and prepare for a weekend of holiday decorating. However, what I’ve started to realize time and time again, is that how we store and put away the decorations at the end of the previous season will make or break us the following year.
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Tips for the Perfect Handwritten Note

The Magic of a Handwritten Note

There is no shortage of ways to communicate these days. We can send a text message in a hurry, email information when needed, post updates via social media and the list goes on. Yet, as a Southern woman, I will always cherish and deeply appreciate the magic of a handwritten note. 
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Gift Wrapping Tips

DIY Gift Wrapping Tips – The Perfect Present

I’ll take all the gift wrap please! Yes, I am a self-proclaimed lover of all the pretty gift wrap - bows, ribbons, wrapping paper, gift tags – you name it! You can let your creativity run wild with the endless options and combinations.
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