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Back-to-School with Fresh Scents

Back-to-School with Fresh Scents

The end of summer distinctly marks the return to school which, let’s be honest, can sometimes stink. Ever opened your kid’s lunch box on the first day of school to realize last school year’s sandwich is still lingering? Don’t sweat it! Sachets are here to scent the way into a fresh, new semester.

  1. Store with Backpack
    1. Backpacks experience a lot. A report card shoved way down, never to be found, dirty gym clothes, maybe even some leftover breakfast. Whatever disaster needs a refresh (or even the disasters yet to come), storing a sachet in a backpack is a great way to mitigate unwanted odors and deliver a burst of fragrance with every zip.
  2. Refresh Your Locker
    1. Lockers are a short-term terminal to all school’s madness. Keeping it looking and smelling good takes some stress off those 5-minute class changes. Try adding an inspirational sachet for a boost of fragrance, and some much-needed encouragement throughout the day.
  3. Teacher Gift
    1. Nothing quite tops a gift that’s both super fun, and super functional. Gifting a teacher a sachet like Adventure Mountain is an everyday reminder of the guidance and direction they give to all their students. Bonus? It is going to fragrance a classroom in need of a little TLC.

 Fresh Scents sachets are designed to make fresh starts a little easier, and much less stinky. Before the bell rings, make sure you’re ready for back-to-school with fragrance for almost any space.

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