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Sparkle City Scented Sachets Everyday Variety

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Let's be real, we all have those days where life just plain stinks! Whether it's a week old sandwich left in a lunchbox, sour milk wreaking havoc in your car, a wet dog setting up camp on your couch, or the foul odor coming from the trashcan even after you empty it, there's a laundry list of things that can make your life smell a little funky.

Situations like these are the perfect job for Sparkle City™  Air Fresheners to tackle. Whether you're turning stinky situations into more pleasant moments, or adding some flair to a space that just feels blah, our sachets are designed to keep things smelling fresh for months at a time.

With these conveniently sized and uniquely designed air fresheners, you can quickly and easily add a little sparkle to your daily routine!


How it Works

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Absolutely LOVE the way my clothes smell with these sachets in my drawers.

This one's a winner! So crisp and clean, a light but powerful scent that makes my guest room and closet smell fresh!

Absolutely love this smell!! People always compliment me on the way my house smells.

Fell in love with this scent. I will continue to buy as long as its available!

Jennifer B.
Jacque B.
Lisa S.
Jessica R.

What's the difference between Sparkle City and Fresh Scents?

Great question! Both brands are made here at our headquarters in upstate South Carolina. Sparkle City was originally introduced to give an even more affordable way to fragrance your space.

While Fresh Scents offers sachets in 3pks with 345mL of professionally perfumed fragrance, Sparkle City offers smaller 2pks with 180mL of fragrance.

In short, Sparkle City is a great option for those interested in paying a little less for a little less fragrance, while still feeling confident in the quality of the product.

Is Sparkle City an air freshener or a sachet?

Trick question - both! While we're proud to be category leaders, we recognize not everyone is familiar with stink-fighting sachets.

We often use the words "Air Freshener" to describe our product so people know its as easy as shake, set, and scent!

How long do Sparkle City sachets last?

Sparkle City sachets last for up to 90 days from the manufacture date listed on the back of the packaging.

I don't see a design I'm looking for on the website.

We offer a few of our top-performing Sparkle City scents, but the majority of our fragrances can be purchased at our partner retailers.

For specific questions regarding sachet scents or designs, please contact our Customer Service team at