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What is a Sachet?

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Ever wondered what exactly a sachet is? For such a simple product, we sure get a lot of questions about sachets! What is a sachet, how do I use my sachet, how are they made, etc.

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What is a Sachet?

Simply put, a sachet is a versatile, flameless air freshener!

Pronounced sa-shay, they consist of a paper envelope filled with fragrance oils and vermiculite, sort of like fancy dirt.

The vermiculite absorbs our proprietary fragrance before being put into the paper envelope. The special paper helps diffuse the fragrance over the course of about 9 months from the manufacture date on the back. It's biodegradable, too!

What is inside a sachet?

Sugar and spice? Flowers? Dirt? We get a lot of theories on what exactly is in a sachet.

Fresh Scents uses special paper envelopes, hand-painted by our in-house artist. These help diffuse the fragrance and bonus, are biodegradable.

So – what’s actually inside a sachet envelope? The star player is vermiculite, a mineral known for its water and nutrient retention abilities in potting soil. In sachets, it acts as a fragrance sponge, holding onto scents without adding any odor of its own.

Next up is the fragrance itself, crafted in-house with care. We use a mix of essential oils, dried herbs, and aromatic oils to ensure consistent quality and safety. All of our fragrances are crafted in-house by perfumers and adhere to strict safety standards set by the The International Fragrance Association (IFRA).

For more information, check here.

How do you use a sachet?

Using a sachet is as easy as shake, set, and scent. Simply place an unopened sachet where you'd like a burst of fragrance, paying special mind to the warning and usage on the back of the package, and enjoy!

Some of our favorite ways to fragrance with a sachet include putting them in your clothing drawers, hanging in your closet, stashing between your trash liner, and keeping them under your car seats.

There are actually over 100+ ways to use these simple sachets. Check them out here.

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What is a sachet? We’re so glad you asked!

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