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Terms & Conditions

Prices, Terms & Conditions

Current prices, terms, and conditions are subject to change without notice. All orders are subject to approval at Fresh Scents' Corporate Office in South Carolina.

Payment Policy

We accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.


Fresh Scents currently ships to addresses within the United States. We also ship to United States Post Office Boxes.

Shipping Charge

We offer a $5 flat shipping rate for all orders. Orders $35+ are eligible for free shipping.

Sales Tax Charge

A Sales Tax charge will be added to orders when applicable.


As the creators of the original scented sachet, our goal is to make sure you fall in love with the world’s easiest-to-use diffuser. For this reason, we are here to give you all the details regarding returns and exchanges.

Did your order arrive with one or more damaged sachets?

Oh no! We want to make it right! Please take a photo of the damaged product and sent it to our Customer Service Team by emailing or give us a call at 1-888-877-3132.

Did your order arrive with the wrong sachets?

Please accept our apologies! If the sachets you received do not match what you ordered, please give us a call at 1-888-877-3132 or email to let us know about the issue. One of our Customer Service Team Members will be more than happy to correct your order.        

Were the fragrances you ordered not your fave?

We understand that ordering scented sachets online can be difficult as you cannot smell the fragrance beforehand. Please email or call 1-888-877-3132 to contact our Customer Service team for assistance. 

Was the scented sachet product quality not up to snuff?

As the creators of the scented sachet, we actually take great pride in producing the highest quality scented sachets on the market. We’re always looking for feedback about our sachet performance, so please let us know if your product experience wasn’t as great as you were expecting. Email us at and one of our customer service representatives will respond within 24-48 hours.

If you can provide an image of the back of your sachet, we will be able to provide that information to our Quality Control Team so that they can research possible explanations for poor performance. 

 Did you purchase one of our sachets from an independent retailer or online marketplace?

For a return or refund not purchased on our website, pleas speak with the retailer where you purchased the items. If it was a gift or you are unable to return to the retailer where the item was purchased, please contact Customer Service by phone at 1-888-877-3132 or email us at

Did you have issues with a promo code?

First, keep in mind that only one discount can be redeemed per order. So, if there is an automatic discount you are enjoying based on an item in your cart, you will not be able to apply a promo code to that order. This is a great tip if you have more than one promo code in your back pocket, though! Just place two separate orders, and you can enjoy a discount on each one.

If you typed in the promo code for a valid and active promotion, but it was not applied to your order, please contact our Customer Service Team by phone at 1-888-877-3132 or email us at 

Contact Information

Monday through Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00pm EST
Fax: 864-573-8730

Email: Fresh Scents Customer Service

Fresh Scents
Website Return Department
951 South Pine St.
Spartanburg, SC 29302

Product Warnings:

All fragranced products are not for consumption. Keep products out of reach of children. Avoid contact of Envelope Sachets and their contents with furniture, fabrics, carpets, finished surfaces, plastics, acrylics and painted items as they may cause damage and/or discoloration.