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Scented White Cotton Sachet on Basket of Clean Towels

Sachet 101

Our beginner's guide to all things scented sachet.

Sachet 101

Our beginner's guide to all things scented sachet.

What is a sachet?

Our scented sachets are artwork-wrapped envelopes filled with fragrance oils and vermiculite, sort of like fancy dirt. The special paper diffuses the fragrance over the course of about 9 months.

Why Sachets?

Summer Romance scented sachet held against blue sky
  • Safe, flameless candle alternative
  • Up to nine months of fragrance
  • Under $10 for a 3 pack
  • 100% biodegradable packaging

How to use a sachet?

To use a sachet, simply place where you'd like a burst of fragrance, and enjoy! No need to open or light – simply shake, set, and scent!

Avoid direct contact with surfaces like finished wood. The fragrance oils in the sachet can react with the surface and cause damage. Read the back label of the sachet to find out which surfaces you should not directly place your sachet envelope on. 

Instead, store your sachet in your closet with clean (or dirty) towels, under the seat of your car, or between the liner of your trash can. There are SO many ways to sachet. For more ideas, check out our list!

Where to Use Them

There are over 100+ ways to sachet. From the home to on-the-go, here's some of our favorite spaces.

More ways to sachet
Just Imagine scented sachet in drawer

Do What You Love Fragrance Sachet Hanging in Closet with Clothes

Orange & Honey Scented Sachet clipped to fridge

Pomegranate scented sachet with trash can

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