When you find yourself in a stinky situation, Fresh Scents can help. We've been making the world a better-smelling place for over five decades. Send odors packing with a simple shake, set, & scent.

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Be Merry Bundle

'Tis the season for festive fragrance! The Be Merry Bundle makes it easy to scent your space for the holidays with classic fragrance combinations like peppermint, warm cinnamon, holiday berries, and balsam fir.

Earth Friendly Packaging

Earth Friendly Packaging

30% Recycled Paper

Long-lasting fragrance

Long-lasting Fragrances

Lasts for months.
Contains essential oils.

Made in america

Made in America

Original artwork and fragrances
created in-house.

Available in 8 fragrances

NEW! Room Sprays

We've been in the business of fragrancing spaces for decades, but we decided it was time for something new. Enter room-sprays, our newest solution to keeping odors away with a single spray. Now available in eight of your favorite fragrances.

Customer Reviews
By far my favorite sachets! Love opening my linen cabinet because it smells so good.
— Stephanie R.
Both my husband and I love this scent; it's divine! It is perfect for the car and also the entry hallway where it greets our guests.
— Victoria H.
ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS ONE. Smell is strong and kept my closet and bathroom fresh. This I will be buying again.
— Nichole K.
Love these scent packs! Bought these as gifts and they’re always an appreciated gift! Classy, lovely.
— Diana K.
The best fragrance I have ever experienced!
— Patricia B.
I put in my medium sized bedroom & small bathroom. Close both doors & after a few hours both rooms smell like spring!
— Daphne A.