When you find yourself in a stinky situation, Fresh Scents can help. We've been making the world a better smelling place for over four decades. Our made in America, earth-friendly, fragrance-filled, artwork-wrapped scented sachets are the easiest way to freshen any space. So let's get real, you know you need a sachet.


The Best-Seller's Bundle

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NEW! spring scent

Do What You Love

Do What You Love is an inspirational reminder to live a purpose-filled life with your favorite fragrance. Inhale the earthy scent of lush florals, meditative eucalyptus, and a safe haven of sandalwood, cedar, and musk, and find your path with this perfectly peaceful scent.

Customer reviews
Love it ! Makes my house, car etc. smell beautiful. Everyone gives compliments on how beautiful it smells
— Mary G.
Both my husband and I love this scent; it's divine! It is perfect for the car and also the entry hallway where it greets our guests.
— Victoria H.
ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS ONE. Smell is strong and kept my closet and bathroom fresh. This I will be buying again.
— Nichole K.
Love these scent packs! Bought these as gifts and they’re always an appreciated gift! Classy, lovely.
— Diana K.
The best fragrance I have ever experienced!
— Patricia B.
I put in my medium sized bedroom & small bathroom. Close both doors & after a few hours both rooms smell like Spring!
— Daphne A.
Earth Friendly Packaging

Earth Friendly Packaging

30% Recycled Paper

Long-lasting fragrance

Long-lasting Fragrances

Lasts for months.
Contains essential oils.

Made in america

Made in America

Original artwork and fragrances
created in-house.

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Meet Our Room-Sprays

We've been in the business of fragrancing spaces for decades, but we decided it was time for something new. Enter room-sprays, our newest solution to keeping odors away with a single spray. Now available in eight of your favorite fragrances.