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Creative Ways to Use Sachets

Creative Ways to Use Sachets

Sachets can fill pretty much every fragrance itch you are experiencing – from the car, to your kitchen, even to your cubicle. Don’t get stuck in a cycle with your sachets, have some fun! Here are five ways to shake up your sachet game.

 Suck it Up.

  • Vacuuming the contents of a sachet is one of our favorite ways to fragrance a larger space and get some much-needed inspiration to clean. Carefully open the envelope and sprinkle the contents onto your carpet and immediately vacuum. If you’re not sure about your carpet’s compatibility, try it with a spot test first!

Scent-sational Stove Top

  • You can simmer sachets on the stovetop for room-filling fragrance! Just fill a pot 3/4 full of water, dump the contents of the sachet into the pot, and simmer it on the stove top on low. Make sure to add additional water if its starts looking low. Enjoy, and as always, use caution when using a heated stovetop.
Air it Out.
  • Tuck a scented sachet behind your air return cover to add fragrance to your space. You can replace them as often as you replace your filter for constant, irresistible fragrance.

Gifts & Toppers

  • Not only do Fresh Scents sachets provide lasting fragrance, but they are also adorned with beautiful hand painted designs that make them perfect for gifting.
  • Will you be my bridesmaid? Include a beautiful scent with your bridesmaid proposal gifts to make them feel extra special.
  • Hosting a baby or bridal shower? Hand out sachets as a favor.
  • Whatever the occasion, sachets can brighten your guest’s day, and certainly fragrance their space.

Welcome Y'all

  • Did you know, sachets can fragrance your home before you even step foot in it? Place sachets under your welcome mat to leave a pleasant odor for waiting guests, and even the postman.

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