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DIY Adult Easter Baskets

DIY Adult Easter Baskets

Holidays aren’t quite what they used to be. And by that we mean – they’re even better. We love seeing others share how they make small moments big with creative crafts and DIYs. With the mass availability of Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok, so many fun ideas can filter from the creative kings and queens to those who need a little bit of a lift to elevate the everyday holidays. This easter, we’ve set out on a mission to perfect the easter basket with stink-fighting sachets, and gifts for the whole family. Because who said the kids get all the fun?

For the handyman:

Brother, father, son – the men in your life could use a little love. For this, we included tools, a handyman magazine, ad a dream big sachet. The cherry on the cake? This basket was actually a tool bag. Not only is this basket totally functional, but we love the color coordination with our artfully designed sachet and your run-of-the-mill tools. If they already have every tool their heart desires (which, by the way, is totally impossible in our experience) you can swap them out for a Lowes gift card.

Adult easter basket with tools and Dream Big sachets

The sommelier:

If happy hour is their favorite 60 minutes of the day, we think they’ll love this. This basket was inspired by those who like to wind down with a glass of good wine. We included a bottle of our favorite red, a pair of crystal wine glasses, a festive tea towel, and our exotic and sweetly scented Tuscan Grape sachet. We opted for a classic wooden crate to mirror the vintage French wine containers the good stuff used to come in. Simple, elevated, and beloved by all those 21+ over, this basket is the perfect easter gift for so many.

Adult easter basket with wine and tuscan grape sachet

The green thumb:

For those whose garden has become a home away from home, this basket is filled to the brim with flower power finds. We included garden necessities like a pruner, cultivator, and trowel all in fun floral prints. We also added garden scissors, the cutest pair of gloves for those times you just can’t resist getting your hands a little dirty, and a Fresh Cut Peony sachet. The cute wicker basket it all comes in can totally be repurposed. Did someone say festive fruit basket?

Adult easter basket themed with garden tools and fresh cut peony sachet

Step up your gift basket game with adult easter baskets curated for all those in your life. Put a smile on their face this spring with an unexpected happy easter surprise. Because nothing says “you get me” like a curated bundle of your favorite finds. Which basket would you be most eager to receive?

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