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Dorm DIYs with Fresh Scents

Dorm DIYs with Fresh Scents

College is a chance for new beginnings. But sometimes starting fresh can, well, stink. Make the most of your temporary space with upgrades that make it feel (& smell) a little more like home. Whether you’re on a budget, a DIY dreamer, or just hoping to make your dorm room the envy of the building, these projects are the perfect place for any student to get started. 

  1. Get in the right headspace.
    1. Headboards are a great way to show off your style influence in your dorm and wake up a tired space. There are many ways to DIY your headboard, but here’s two of our stand-out favs.
      • Mosaic tiles: Make your bed the focal point of the room with renter and dorm friendly mosaic tiles. You can find them mirrored, colored, or even as cork board to provide function and spruce up your décor. If you’d rather pass on the Amazon haul, you can make your own with craft paper, fabric, cork or any material you may have lying around your space.
        • Vinyl sticker: You can purchase large sheets of vinyl at most craft stores. Bonus: the majority of them don’t do damage to your interior walls once peeled off. Cut the vinyl into whatever your desired shape is, be it an arch, a star, or a classic squared edge.
    1. Fragrance your Shared Space
      1. POV: your roommate hasn’t done laundry since move in day. We’ve been there. Shared spaces can harbor unwanted smells, and your RA won’t be too thrilled with burning a candle to conceal them. Give your room a boost of fragrance by stashing sachets throughout your things. Whether in your drawers, proudly easeled on your nightstand, or in your backpack with school supplies, sachets provide lasting fragrance without compromising your interior design (or risking a flame-fueled demerit).

    1. Say it with a banner.
      1. Banners are a great way to show off your interests and decorate your space. Garland and banners also require little effort to make and you can do so with materials you may already have.
      2. Want to show off your school pride? Try out these DIY pendant flags. You can customize them to match your style whether that be boho and earthy, or sporty and preppy.
      3. Want to make it feel more like home for the holidays? Try updating your banner by season. A fall themed motif in your space can feel reminiscent of the decorated spaces you may have left behind. Simply change out the fabric colors and patterns to achieve your desired style.
    2. Light the way.
      1. Dorm rooms aren’t particularly notorious for their natural sunlight. Bringing in light where you can is essential to brighten your space and make it easier to do work after the sun goes down. This DIY light-up sign is where function meets style. Make yours say something witty, clever, inspirational – whatever you can dream up, you can make!
    3. Not so boring board.
      1. Find an old shallow cookie sheet pan at the thrift store or your family’s cabinet and repurpose it as a creative memo board. The metal sheet will allow you to stick magnets to it, hanging class schedule, old photos, even a Fresh Scents sachet.
      2. Give new life to a boring silver by adding fabric or craft paper in your desired print. Once an ugly oven ornament is now a crafty pop of fun and function.

    Whether entering your freshman year, or even just hoping to make the most of a small rental space, these DIYs can make your space feel a little more like you. Share your creative style saving hacks with us on Instagram at @myfreshscents.