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Fragrance Inspired by Days in the Garden

Fragrance Inspired by Days in the Garden

Don’t have a green thumb, but still searching for garden-fresh fragrance? We totally feel you. The season of spring has us yearning for florals in bloom and herbaceous greens. Here’s how we bring a bit of the outdoors in. 

Dried lavender was a staple in my grandma’s house growing up. It’s the perfect reminder in a guest space that you are not only welcome, but wanted. Lavender is also known to induce feelings of calm and relaxation. And who wouldn’t want that for their guests? Our best-selling lavender sachet rejuvenates with the soft and herbaceous scent of classic Lavender. It stores best in the guest bathroom.

Lavender scented sachet on guest bathroom counter 

I get pretty impatient waiting for April showers to turn into May flowers. And while admittedly I’ve been known to splash in a few puddles, nothing beats the feeling of a sunshine-filled day. Well, almost nothing. Clean Clothes reminds me of good old fashion laundry lines ­­– your linens just baking in the sunlight. Or maybe a sunny day with all the windows open, minus the stray bugs. When a garden scroll is out of the question, a Clean Clothes sachet in the mudroom does just the trick.

Clean Clothes sachet on stack of white towels. 

A gardener is only as good as their tools, which occasionally, totally stink. Caked with mud and grubs, it’s not a bad idea to give your trowels, spades, and gloves some fresh fragrance. We lean towards something earthy and floral, like Fresh Cut Peony. Tuck a Fresh Cut Peony sachet in with your tools as a reminder of what will blossom from all your hard work.

Basket of gardening supplies with a Fresh Cut Peony scented sachet 

Gardening may not be for everyone, but fresh spring fragrance definitely is. Bring a little bit of mother nature to your space and fight off unwanted odors with a selection of floral fragrances and best-selling scents.

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