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Fresh Scents: December Round-Up

Fresh Scents: December Round-Up

December is in full swing, Thanksgiving in the dust, and Christmas music blaring through every department store speaker in sight. You don’t have time to sift through TikTok and social to find out the hottest hits of the month – and that’s where we come in. Here’s our December round-up for the freshest finds to fragrance your space and more.

December Fragrances:

We’re no strangers to fragrance. With 30+ scents available in our online collection, picking a favorite is not only hard but feels plain wrong. So instead of taking it from us, here’s what Fresh Scents’ Fans are buying this month:

Merry Christmas: It’s no surprise this sachet is our number-one seller this season. A perfect festive blend of crisp, wintery fir needles and sweet sandalwood – our Merry Christmas sachet smells like actually remembering to water your Christmas tree.

Monica N., Verified Buyer Quote

Red Door Wreath: If you have been struggling to get into the Christmas spirit, we have a feeling Red Door Wreath will do the trick. This sachet is the perfect nostalgic scent and hand-crafted design to spark the holiday spirit. This jovial blend of tart berries and comforting cinnamon gives way to creamy vanilla for a perfect festive fragrance for the season.

Janeth B., Verified Buyer Quote 


Pie: December Round-Up Recipe

We see an explosion of holiday classics reinvented this December. What does that mean? Gingerbread cookies but make them personalized, cinnamon rolls but totally from scratch (move over Pillsbury), apple pie but add brie (yes, you read that right). 

Here’s one of our many favorites for the month of December: 

Apple Pie with Brie and Honey

Apple pie gets a fancy upgrade with Brie cheese, a generous drizzle of honey, and a handful of spices. The creamy, sweet, and rich combination makes this pie a new classic.

A little too adventurous for you? Check out this food creator on TikTok for more trending recipes.



We’re sensing a theme here. Nostalgia is in full swing and that goes for décor, too. But don’t worry, there are some fun, colorful designs making a come-up as well.

Ornaments: Frosted, glass, and vintage are flashing in neon lights in our shopping carts. This glass set includes 10 ornaments in a variety of shapes. Whether you’re a monochrome fan, or a more colorful eclectic, these are perfectly versatile. 

Throws: Our lazy hack for adding a festive touch? A fresh scents sachet + a patterned throw pillow or blanket. Brighten the holidays with another hit trend for the season: fun and colorful eclectic. H for Happy is a great line we are shopping for colorful, trendy Christmas details like this pillow.

Welcome Mat: What better way to welcome the holidays? Deck the outdoors with this coir welcome mat from Belk that's made to be merry & welcoming. Colorful, fun, and totally trendy, this is a perfect option to add a pop of holidays outside of the home. Life hack: place a sachet under this “fa-la-la” favorite to add a burst of fragrance before your guests ever step through the door.

Fun Finds:

fun socks

The perfect unisex, cozy gift for yourself or your family is surprisingly simple: socks. Socks are super affordable, a literal winter necessity, and are available virtually everywhere. We love this pair from J. Crew which also happens to be under $10.

You don’t have to celebrate the holidays to share a sweet treat. Glossier’s Balm Dot is a hydrating lip balm that’s now available in flavored, sheer-tinted seasonal formulas. Try classic Mint, or Swiss Miss for hints of rich cocoa, vanilla, and sheer chestnut tint.

We hope this serves as the perfect show-stopping, tree-topping guide to get you ready for the holiday season. Whether freshening your space with holiday fragrance or with festive throw pillows, there are plenty of goodies to make your season shine brighter this December.

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