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Gift by Fragrance

Gift by Fragrance

Don’t let the holidays get ahead of you – Christmas is now less than 50 days away! With no time to waste, a sachet is a great and thoughtful gift to add to every stocking on the mantle. Here’s our quick guide to some of our favorite fragrances, for your favorite people.

Little Sparkle:

For the star of the show (or at least your life), Little Sparkle is the perfect scented sachet. White chocolate pours over fruity notes of bergamot, mandarin, peach, and apricot to create a bright and inspiring fragrance that instantly adds A Little Sparkle to each day. This scent pairs best with friends who light up a room when they walk through the door, or who may need a little reminder of just how bright their light shines.


For the folks with sand-crusted sneakers, favorite t-shirts that need a trip to the washing machine, and lovers of window-down joyrides.  Watermark is the perfect masculine wave of water-green florals, zesty limes, and warm notes of patchouli and amber. Smells a lot like the man of your dreams, accessible enough for every free spirit in your life (that includes you).

Laughter Love Laundry:

If they volunteer for the carpool pick-up line unprompted – they totally deserve this sachet (and let’s be honest, probably need it). For those with big love in their hearts, and big messes in their homes, Laughter Love Laundry is the perfect breath of fresh air. With notes of jasmine, ozone, melon, and sandalwood this sachet is sure to provide a breezy and refreshing refuge.

Merry & Bright:

You know the type: their Christmas tree went up on October 1st and their most played soundtrack is Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas. They thrive on holiday happiness, and being around them feels like getting all you want under the Christmas tree. Don’t be shy – treat them to a Merry & Bright sachet. Swirling with sugary visions of cool, crisp peppermint sticks and snowy crystals, this whimsical aroma is altogether warm and fuzzy.

Tuscan Grape:

A fruity and revitalizing trip to the rolling hills of Italy? Yes, please. Remind your friends and family of a few of those passport stamps, or the ones still pending, with this fragrance escape. Capturing the essence of sun-ripened vines scrolling the hillside awaiting harvest, Tuscan Grape bursts to life with flavors of succulent grape blending with earthy, sweet currant berry. Tuscan Grape makes the perfect addition to the kitchen or worldly wine rack.

 With over 30 fragrances and designs to choose from, the combinations are endless. For the sporty, the social, the sheepish and shy, the doesn’t know what they want guy, there’s a scent for everyone this holiday season just waiting to be sniffed out. Still can’t decide? We’d love to help you find your fragrance! Reach out to us at


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