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Holiday Storage

Holiday Décor Storage & Organization

Like many, every year we climb up in the attic and pull the color-coded plastic bins of Christmas decorations down and prepare for a weekend of holiday decorating. However, what I’ve started to realize time and time again, is that how we store and put away the decorations at the end of the previous season will make or break us the following year.

Here’s a few lessons I’ve learned along the way:

  • Label everything! I repeat, label everything! This one extra step will save you time and frustration in digging through bins to find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Lights can be your worst enemy. Avoid a jumbled mess of lights by neatly wrapping around spools or cardboard. This will ensure a tangle-free encounter next year! Also, if you have multiple strands, label where each goes to avoid the guessing game.
  • Store with Fresh Scents Sachets. Fight off unwanted attic odors by adding a Holiday Scented Sachet to each storage bin. I always use a Balsam Fir Sachet with my artificial greenery. I’m hoping the added scent will fool my guests into thinking it’s real!
  • Get the whole family involved. Put on the holiday music & make it a tradition! With your clearly labeled bins, it will be easy to delegate responsibilities to your whole gang.

Happy Decorating!

Yours Truly,

Holiday Storage

Holiday Décor Storage & Organization

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Have you discontinued Crafty Snowman?

Phyllis Childs

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