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How to Ace Back to School Shopping

How to Ace Back to School Shopping

Sorry friends, but we’re going to be those people. We’re bursting your bubble. Summer vacation is just about over, and it’s time to do some preparing for the impending school year.

Okay, what’s the worst part of going back to school? It’s hot and young people don’t always know how to use deodorant. Your kids are going to be running around during recess, cooling off at their desks, and working their brains as they learn new things and make new friends. As a parent, you’re going to check that your child has the items on the school’s shopping list. Pencils, paper, binders, books, a ream of paper for the communal printer, and probably a box of tissues. 

But how can you really set your child up for success this year? Make them smell amazing. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.


  1. Slip a sachet in their book bag so that their space smells good. It’s a conversation starter for shy children and helps them make a great first impression!
Summer Romance scented sachet with school supplies
  1. Provide a few sachets for your child’s teacher to use in her classroom this year. Teachers are the ones who deal with sweaty children all day long, so they’ll remember your kindness every time they get a breath of fresh air from their sweet, sweet sachet. It’s flameless fragrance and cute as can be. A total teacher’s dream!

She Believed sachet with planner

  1. Store a few sachets with your child’s clothes so they smell great right off the bat! Even before your child enters the deodorant-wearing years, you can help them smell great throughout the day by keeping a sachet in their drawers with socks, t-shirts, and shorts or in their closet.

Adventure Mountain scented sachet in closet


Here are a few we recommend for back to school: Clean Clothes,  She Believed, Bee Happy


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