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How to Use Scented Sachets

How to Use Scented Sachets

Picture this: you receive a letter in the mail, and it smells so good! When you open it, you find something called a scented sachet packet with a beautiful design and an even better fragrance. You take a deep breath, inhaling the scent, and it smells so good you want it to smell even stronger! How do you use this scented sachet packet? Should you open it up and toss the inside around like confetti? NO.

Here’s how you use a scented sachet:

  1. Hold the sachet and take a sniff! If you like the scent, keep this one for yourself. If you want it to smell stronger, shake the sachet. This activates the fragrance inside the scent packet.
  1. Should you open your scented sachet? NO. Keep this puppy sealed tight. You’ll want to keep your sachet sealed so that all the fragrance remains inside. This allows the sachet to diffuse fragrance for its intended lifespan - up to 9 months after the date printed on the back of the envelope.
  1. Should you put your sachet on wood? NO. The fragrance oil in the sachet can damage some surfaces if it’s placed directly on them. Read the back label of the sachet to find out which surfaces you should not directly place your sachet envelope on. 
  1. Should you put the sachet in your car? YES. Our scented sachets make great car air fresheners! Place the sachet under your seat in the car, tuck it between your sun visor and the roof of your car, or slip one of your sachets in the pocket on the back of your seat. If it’s summer, you’ll notice that the sachet gives off more fragrance when it’s left in the heat. This will lead to the sachet having a shorter lifespan in some cases.
  1. Should you put the sachet in a closet? YES. You can put your sachet inside shoes to help eliminate foot odor. You can attach your sachet to a hanger and use it to fragrance your clothes. You can store a sachet with your wrapping paper in your holiday closet to make your gifts smell festive! You can also place your sachet in the pocket of coats to keep them from getting musty while they are in storage.

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  1. Should you place your sachet with bed sheets or towels? YES. You  can slip a sachet in between sheets, linens, hand towels, and the like to help them smell fresh and clean. We recommend Clean Clothes or White Cotton for this specific purpose.
  1. Should I let my sachet get wet? NO. Keep your sachet in a dry environment. 
  1. Should I keep a sachet with my school supplies? YES. You can keep your children’s backpacks, papers, and school supplies smelling like their favorite scent with a sachet.
  2. Should I put a scented sachet in my luggage when I’m traveling? What about when I’m not traveling? YES. Storing a sachet with your luggage is a great way to keep it from absorbing odd smells from the closet or storage area where you keep your bags between trips. Slipping a sachet into your suitcase is also a great way to keep your bag fresh while you’re away from home. We all know the dilemma of mixing dirty clothes with clean clothes. Separate the two types of clothes in your suitcase with a scent barrier—a scented sachet!

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How to Use Scented Sachets

How to Use Scented Sachets

Comments (3)

When these arrive I remove staples with a staple remover, then apply clear wide tape over the holes that the staples left. Is there an easier way?

Tammy Rupp

I laid the packet on top of my wooden dresser, & the outline of the packet plus the wood became shinier & sticky feeling. What should I do to remove the stickiness. It smears as I tried to use furniture polish to remove it

Jean weippert

I bought a 3 pack of theses still wrapped in plastic, at At Home. Im looking for the date you mentioned and the only thing I can find that might be it says, …S10082 12/21. Is that the Date Stamp? I guess that would explain why I cant smell a thing after taking off the plastic, I thought it would be fresher if I bought the ones with plastic on them. Ill know better if I buy again.

April Farrell

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