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Mother's Day Gifts Under $30

Mother's Day Gifts Under $30

Gifts for Mother’s Day Under $30

Your biggest cheerleader, your earliest friend – it’s easy to celebrate mom. Buying her a gift? Not so easy. With this list of best Mother’s Day gifts under $30, you’ll find a way to say thanks without breaking the bank.

Fresh Cut Paper Bouquet

 Fresh cut paper bouquet: Blue Hydrangeas in pop up card

If fresh flowers are bound to cause a sneezing session, this bouquet is for you. Fresh Cut offers traditionally sized flower bouquets made entirely of paper. Bonus – they won’t wilt! This hydrangea bouquet is inspired by grand millennial, classic design and is the perfect arrangement to inspire tranquility and breezy, cerulean blue skies. Coming in at just $12, this gift is the perfect small surcie that’s both beautiful and practical. You may also be impressed to hear that for every flower sold, a tree is planted in its honor. Don’t know about you, but we’re adding to cart right now!

Indoor Herb Garden

Whether a green thumb or a green eater, fresh herbs year-round are a great gift for mom! This kitchen herb garden produces basil, cilantro, and mint. Each can-shaped planter includes soil, seeds, and a soil conditioner that allows for drainage-free indoor gardening. Pretty soon the plants will be full of fragrant, flavorful leaves that can be enjoyed by the whole household. This particular set is from World Market and comes in at just $25, however, you can find indoor herbal gardens all over the web and customize based on her favorite herb. After all, the best gifts come from the heart!

Three planters on countertop with herbs in them

Personalized Stationery

If all goes to plan, mom will be needing to write A LOT of thank you notes this Mother’s Day. Personalized stationery is an affordable gift option that can be tailored to mom’s style.  These note cards from Etsy can be customized to fit any aesthetic whether classic or contemporary (all for under $30!). In today's digital age, taking the time to write a handwritten note isn’t always the norm. But, gifting your mom this unique stationery is a way to encourage and inspire her to do so, creating a heartfelt and personal touch to her communication. Not to mention, she’s going to think of you with every note written – how special!

Custom stationary

Fresh Scents Sachets

Candles are so last year. Get mom a unique, versatile, and affordable way to fragrance! Although sachets have been around for hundreds of years, this could be the first you’ll hear them bragged about. What is a sachet? A sachet is a flameless way to fragrance almost any space using a blend of essential oils and vermiculite in a paper envelope. Fresh Scents has a variety of beautifully hand-painted sachets with trending designs. The fragrance lasts for up to 9 months and is the perfect scent for small spaces like closets, cars, and your dresser drawers. You can get a three pack of any of their signature fragrances for under $10 – yes, you heard that right. Oh, and no need to worry about blowing anything out before bed time.

Fresh Scents Best Sellers Sachet Bundle

Wine Stopper or Accessories

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to gift something mom has been eyeing, but isn’t quite willing to splurge on for herself. We think this birthstone wine bottle stopper is the perfect example. These handmade, customizable birthstone stoppers preserve wine in style and are a bougee bar cart addition. Designer Jill Henrietta Davis heats clear glass to 2,000 degrees, then rolls in bits of crushed colored glass before forming the vibrant globe. So why not open that second bottle and show off your style? 

Pink glass blown wine bottle stopper

Mom deserves a winning gift this Mother’s Day, but that doesn’t mean your wallet has to be at a loss. There are so many unique gifts to share with the mother in your life. Just don’t forget, the best gifts are the ones from the heart. The right gift for mom is out there and might just be on this list! What are you shopping for Mother’s Day?


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