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Must-Have Products for New Pet Owners

Must-Have Products for New Pet Owners

For many years, the holiday season has been a popular time for people to add new furry family members to their household. If you’re one of those people, and your children (or your animal-obsessed significant other) talked you into purchasing or rescuing a four-legged friend this year, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of must-have items to help you and your new fur baby transition to a new way of life!

Healthy and Delicious Eats

Right now, we can imagine you’re probably thinking, “Duh… I know my pet needs to eat!” However, there’s more to it than you think. Choosing your pet’s food can be a serious pain in the neck. With literally hundreds of brands competing for your attention, it’s hard to figure out which one is best. So, when you’re standing in the pet food aisle scratching your head, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind.

Choose a diet that suits your pet’s age and size. For example, your 6-month-old Yorkie should not be eating the same kibble as your 8-year-old St. Bernard, and the same goes for your 5-month-old kitten and your 12-year-old cat. In most cases, all the information you need regarding size and stage of life should be printed right there on the bag. Read that label, friends!

But, if you’re really feeling lost, the next best step would be to ask your veterinarian for a recommendation. After all, they’ve committed at least eight years of their lives to learning about animal wellness, so they should be a fountain of knowledge!

A Comfy Place to Catch Some Zzz

When it comes to nap time, no pet is created equal. While some cats prefer to curl up on a fluffy pillow and dream about catnip, others would rather stretch out on the windowsill and soak up their daily dose of vitamin D. Regardless, it’s best to offer your pets several options to choose from (especially if you want to keep them off your furniture).

For the cat moms and dads out there, there are several products to choose from. From hammocks and perches that suction to a window to carpeted cat trees with multiple levels, there are so many ways to make your new kitty happy.

If you’ve got a new dog in the house, more than one dog bed is always a plus. Give them the opportunity to nap in the living room while you watch TV, curl up in your home office while you get some work done, or dream about chasing squirrels at the foot of your bed.

And remember, no matter which products you decide to spend your hard-earned money on, your pet will probably decide that your lap is a much better place to lay their head.

Something for Safe Transport or Shelter

Cats and kittens will need a carrier to safely transport them from the house to the vet, and new puppies and dogs will likely need a crate for the times they’re left alone at home.

Crating your K9 comes with several benefits. It can help minimize accidents while potty training, keep them safe from harmful substances, and keep them from completely destroying your house (obviously a perk). Let’s be real, a new dog on the loose can lead to damaged electrical cords, trash can parties, and chewed up shoes.

In addition to this, your new dog (and maybe even your cat) will need a collar or harness and a sturdy leash for the times when you just need to get them out of the house to burn some energy.

All the Toys

Don’t forget to invest in some of the fun stuff too! Toys are incredibly important for both cats and dogs as they provide entertainment, exercise, and the ability to tap into their natural instincts. Bored pets tend to misbehave! Keep your new family member engaged with soft toys, puzzles, chewies, ropes, and other fun toys to chase and play with.

For cats, we recommend a few catnip mice or something to bat and scratch (trust us…it’ll save your couch). For dogs, something to gnaw on is absolutely essential, and puzzle toys will help keep them busy by encouraging them to hunt for their favorite treats.

Something to Keep the Smells at Bay

Let’s face it… as cute and cuddly as our fur babies are, sometimes they just plain stink. One thing we recommend is investing in pet wipes. Because frequent bathing can dry your pet’s skin out, pet wipes are the perfect solution for stinky situations between baths. 

And, whether you’re looking to mask the odor coming from your kitty’s litterbox or hoping to hide the lovely doggy musk left behind on the couch, our Lucky Dog sachets are here to assist. On top of having an adorable, hand-drawn picture and saying on the front, this sachet is a pawsitively perfect way to keep your guests from scrunching their noses when they walk in the house.


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