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Room Spray Spotlight: Eight designed room sprays lined up

Room Spray Spotlight

Why mess with perfection? How about making more of it! When developing our new Fresh Scents room sprays, we knew we’d be met with a bit of pushback. After all, we’ve been in the sachet business for decades. Our customers expect (and deserve) the utmost quality when it comes to fragrance, and we are happy to say this isn’t changing with the extension of our product line. The same scents you have grown to love are now available in a new, no-less loved room spray. Here’s why we chose this addition:

  •  Non-Aerosol Design: Traditional aerosol room sprays are pressurized and release fine particles of fragrance as a gas. The propellants used in this have some questionable links to atmospheric pollution. Non-aerosol eliminates this, and since it’s not pressurized, allows us to air freight to places like Hawaii and Alaska.
  • Eco-Friendly Formula: No petroleum, phthalates, parabens, or dyes. Parabens and phthalates have both been linked to adverse health effects while petroleum mining causes habitat destruction and depletes natural resources. No thanks!
  • Made with essential oils: Made with essential oils and other thoughtfully chosen ingredients. Essential oils have powerful aromatic properties, ideal for scenting a room, and are derived from naturally occurring plant parts. Where best, we supplement these ingredients with nature-identical synthetics.
  • Artist-Designed Packaging: The same sachet art you know and love is used to wrap our room sprays. These designs are hand-painted by a local artist here in South Carolina.
  • Room Filling Fragrance: Just when you thought scenting your space couldn’t get any easier, now add fragrance to your room with one spray. Perfect for adding scent to a space between cleaning or whenever you want (which will be a lot).


Don’t take our word for it – shop our room sprays now in any of our 8 best-selling scents. Have questions? You can find out even more by contacting our team at

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