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From Blank Slate to Bestseller: A Retail Buyer's Guide to Fragrance Development

We understand the power of a well-crafted fragrance. It can elevate a product, define a brand experience, and ultimately drive sales. But the fragrance creation process can often seem shrouded in mystery – especially for category buyers. This guide unpacks the creation of our fragrances from concept to completion, and why the knowledge of fragrance development can help propel sales.

Understanding the Fragrance Development Journey:

The cornerstone of successful fragrance selection lies in comprehending its development cycle. At Fresh Scents, a dynamic collaboration fuels this process. Our in-house perfumery team – including our senior perfumer Emily Arce – works hand-in-hand with our creative department. Together, the team enters the brainstorming phase of fragrance creation, drawing inspiration from a diverse range of sources. From trending culinary notes to childhood memories, no idea is off-limits.

From Concept to Olfactory Masterpiece:

Twice annually, these brainstorms culminate in the creation of detailed "fragrance briefs." These briefs contain different colors, images, and potential fragrance notes to create a “mood board” of sorts for a potential future sachet. Together, the creative team and the perfumers work to narrow down the briefs to a few concepts they want to refine. This kicks off the holistic process. 

“We have been working on building diversity into our teams because I feel like so much about fragrance is what you’re passionate about. Like you can’t have one cookie-cutter interpretation because fragrance is art. We all have the same medium, but we create a different masterpiece,” states Arce. 

Refining for Long-Term Success:

Perfecting a fragrance can take up to two years, with rigorous testing procedures ensuring a consistent fragrance experience. We even involve an external panel of fragrance lovers to assess whether the scent inspires the intended feeling. 

Once we have arrived at the right creative decision, we test all predetermined shelf-life markers including different types of conditions: humidity, heat, freeze, thaw.

All of our products are tested for safety both internally and externally to ensure the optimal sachet experience. 

The Transformation: From Buyer to Fragrance Collaborator:

While crafting entirely new fragrances can be a two-year journey, there's another way to transform customer perception: sachet design. Imagine presenting a well-loved fragrance in a new envelope design. This approach can breathe new life into a product and pique customer interest, while seriously condensing the development timeline.

Understanding the fragrance development process empowers you to have more productive conversations with suppliers. You can ask insightful questions and collaborate on crafting a presentation for an existing fragrance that resonates with your target market. This knowledge isn't just about choosing fragrances – it's about becoming a partner in the fragrance journey.

So, skip the generic options and consider collaborating to create something truly special for your customers. By understanding the bigger picture, you can embark on a journey of co-creation and turn familiar favorites into winning fragrances.