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Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Meet the professionals driving Fresh Scents' success in the retail fragrance market. Our talented sales and marketing team brings a wealth of expertise in scent marketing, consumer behavior analysis, and retail strategy. By actively leveraging scent, we aim to enhance product visibility, consumer engagement, and ultimately, sales performance.

Mark in BW Mark in Color
Mark Johnson
Meet Mark Johnson, our Executive Vice President and a seasoned leader dedicated to helping retailers drive sales growth. With 25+ years of experience at Fresh Scents, Mark’s passion lies in building meaningful connections with people. Outside of the office, Mark thrives on spending time with his family in the great outdoors, indulging in activities like snow skiing, hiking, and riding motorcycles and mountain bikes. With a passion for adventure, he has explored over 30 countries, adding depth to his business perspective. Mark’s favorite sachet, "Anise," evokes a sense of warmth and comfort, reflecting his nuanced taste and appreciation for quality.
Andrew Allen BW Andrew Allen Color
Andrew Allen
Meet Andrew Allen, our Key Account Executive, a seasoned partner to buying teams, fueling their category sales with strategic insights and meaningful growth. He thrives on witnessing the moment when clients exceed sales expectations with our sachets. Outside of Andrew’s dedication to Fresh Scents, his interests span from fly fishing and ultimate frisbee to mastering the blackstone. Fun fact: Andrew's journey has taken him from Spartanburg to Orlando and back again, providing a variety of relevant experiences. His go to sachet? The relaxing scent of "On the Porch."
Brian Nelson in BW Brian Nelson in Color
Brian Nelson
Meet Brian Nelson, our Sales Executive responsible for spearheading the growth and development of chain retail accounts. Brian's expertise lies in assisting category buyers in exceeding their comp sales year after year across a diverse range of categories, from candles to home fragrance to closet and storage solutions. With six years of valuable experience at Fresh Scents, Brian thrives on devising innovative strategies to address unique retail challenges. His favorite aspect of the job? Building lasting relationships with category buyers. Beyond the boardroom, Brian finds joy in golfing, hiking, and family activities. Fun fact: Brian once shared dinner with the legendary Tiger Woods. His top pick in sachet? The earthy aroma of "Woodland," a reflection of his love for nature and the outdoors.
Holly Richter BW Holly Richter
Holly Richter
Meet Holly Richter, our Brand Manager, she oversees projects for our Sales and Marketing teams by designing captivating displays for clients, collaborating with the lab on complementary fragrances, and developing new products. With a knack for project management, Holly ensures seamless execution from ideation to implementation. Since joining Fresh Scents in September 2023, she's been a driving force behind our creative endeavors. Outside of work, she finds joy in family moments, indulges her creative side through crafting, and explores the great outdoors. Fun fact: Holly's global experiences include living in Australia and attending school in London, adding a unique perspective to her creativity. Her top pick in sachet? The invigorating scent of "Summer," reflecting her favorite season.
Leigh Brown in BW Leigh Brown in color
Leigh Brown
Meet Leigh Brown, our Senior Creative Artist, the artistic genius behind our products hand-painted artwork and charming packaging. With a remarkable tenure of 20+ years at Fresh Scents, Leigh's passion shines through in every brushstroke, as she crafts our packaging, marketing materials, and digital graphics. As a vital member of the Fresh Scents Brand Team, she not only creates but also guides the brand's direction. Beyond the office, Leigh thrives on quality family time and getting lost in the pages of a good book. Fun fact: She's not just a creator of art but also a storyteller, with a children's book in the works that she is hand illustrating. Her top fragrance pick? The delightful "Bee Happy," reflecting her vibrant spirit and creative energy.
Caysi Lewis BW Caysi Lewis Color
Caysi Lewis
Meet Caysi Lewis, our Marketing Growth Manager, orchestrating the acquisition and conversion of website traffic. With a focus on SEO/SEM, paid advertising, and email and SMS marketing, Caysi has driven impressive 60% year-over-year growth for our digital B2C channel. Her favorite aspect of the job? The continual pursuit of knowledge. Outside her contributions to Fresh Scents, Caysi's off-duty passions include nurturing her plant collection and diving into a good book. Fun fact: She's not just a marketing whiz but also a music aficionado, ranking in the top 1% of Beatles listeners on Spotify. Her favorite sachet? "Do What You Love," reflecting her dynamic spirit and passion for her role.
Anna Ogle in BW Anna Ogle in color
Anna Ogle
Meet Anna Ogle, our Sales Coordinator Team Manager, tasked with the seamless service of our Chain, Aroma Creations, & International orders through her dedicated team. Her passion for fostering relationships with our international clientele is matched only by her love for fragrances, making each sale all the more valued. With four years of commitment to Fresh Scents, Anna's off-duty pursuits include treasure hunting in thrift stores and supporting her favorite artist and star, Taylor Swift. Fun fact: She has a twin brother. Anna's favorite sachet? The scent of Passion Flower, a smooth and tropical escape.
Sharon Gouge BW Sharon Gouge Color
Sharon Gouge
Meet Sharon Gouge, our dedicated Chain Sales Coordinator, supporting our sales reps with precision and efficiency across three major accounts. Embracing the dynamic nature of her role, Sharon cherishes the unique challenges each day brings, finding joy in the companionship of her colleagues. With a twelve-year journey at Fresh Scents, Sharon's creative flair extends beyond the office. In her free time, Sharon finds inspiration through crafting and spending time with her family. Fun fact: The beach is her happy place, and she loves to visit as a way to recharge. Her go-to fragrance? The refreshing of "Watermark,” inspired by her favorite place.
Ashley Wiggins in BW Ashley Wiggins in color
Ashley Wiggins
Meet Ashley Wiggins, our Sales Coordinator specializing in Chains and Aroma Creations, a dynamic force behind timely communication and order processing for our International and Chain Accounts. Thriving on the ever-changing responsibilities within her role, Ashley finds joy in problem-solving and the camaraderie of her team. Since joining Fresh Scents in June 2023, she's been an integral part of our family. Outside of work, Ashley's world revolves around her daughter, indulging in outdoor adventures, and reading. Fun fact: Ashley's family is about to grow with the arrival of boy/girl twins, Saige and Jaxon, adding to the joy of their lives. Her top sachet pick? The enchanting scent of "A Little Sparkle”, and Ashley truly does live a little sparkle wherever she goes.
Taylor Thomas in BW Taylor Thomas in Color
Taylor Thomas
Meet Taylor Thomas, our Chain Sales Coordinator, playing a pivotal role in communicating and collaborating with International, Chain Account, and Aroma Creations sales teams. With a strong focus on detail, Taylor oversees order processing and works closely with shipping and production departments to maintain timely deliveries. Her favorite aspect of the job? The unwavering support of the team. Outside of work, Taylor enjoys exploring hiking trails, seeking out live music in interesting venues, and scouring antique shops for hidden treasures. A craft jewelry maker in her spare time, Taylor's creativity knows no bounds. Fun fact: Taylor shares a close bond with her brother, celebrating the exact same birthday despite a four-year age gap. Her top pick in sachet? "Adventure Mountain," reflecting Taylor's penchant for exploring new spaces.

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