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Lavender Scented Sachet being placed in drawer

103 Ways to Use a Sachet

How do I use a sachet?

Scented sachets are the simplest way to provide fragrance in your home and on the go – with no dangerous flame and no hefty price tag. At less than $10 for a bundle of three, these simple yet versatile fragrance packets can do more than just freshen up your drawers. Whether you're a long-time sachet user or a newcomer, we've compiled a list of 103 practical and unique ways to incorporate Fresh Scents sachets into your daily routine.

  1. Slip them into your drawers to keep clothes smelling fresh.
  2. Place them between folded towels for a fragrant touch.
  3. Hang sachets in your closet to infuse your clothes with a delightful scent.
  4. Display the unique, artwork-wrapped sachets on an easel.
  5. Slide them under your mattress for a scented slumber.
  6. Stash in your umbrella stand to mask wet odors.
  7. Keep sachets in your suitcase to prevent musty odors while traveling.
  8. Tuck them into shoes to combat unwanted smells.
  9. Place sachets in gym bags to freshen up workout gear.
  10. Empty contents into a stovetop pot of water and simmer on low.
  11. Tuck sachets under car seats for a refreshing car interior.
  12. Pin on your bulletin board for midday motivation.
  13. Keep them in your desk drawers to combat stale office air.
  14. Hide under the bathroom sink for sly scenting.
  15. Store them between a trash can and its liner.
  16. Attach sachets to gifts as an extra scented surprise.
  17. Use sachets as party favors or small gifts for guests.
  18. Empty contents into a vacuum bag and use as normal.
  19. Place them on your bookshelf for a touch of elegance.
  20. Use a floral scent to freshen fake flowers or houseplants.
  21. Hang them on doorknobs for a charming touch.
  22. Tuck sachets in your laundry hamper to prevent odors from building up.
  23. Slip them between folded linens.
  24. Clip to the front of a fridge to mask food odors.
  25. Slide a sachet into your baby's stroller for a pleasant stroll.
  26. Tuck a sachet into your instrument case for a fragrant melody.
  27. Slip a sachet into your hiking backpack for an invigorating journey.
  28. Store sachets in containers with craft materials to prevent mustiness.
  29. Place them in sewing kits for a pleasant sewing experience.
  30. Pin to a diaper bin.
  31. Tuck them into diaper bags for a fresh aroma.
  32. Use sachets as wedding favors for guests.
  33. Place them on reception tables as part of party decor.
  34. Hang sachets on your Christmas tree for a festive touch.
  35. Slip them into stockings as a scented surprise.
  36. Place sachets inside a tent for a pleasant camping experience.
  37. Place them inside greeting cards for an added surprise.
  38. Tuck sachets near pet beds or litter boxes to combat pet odors.
  39. Tuck a sachet among your fishing gear for a pleasant day on the water.
  40. Store with spare toilet paper in the bathroom.
  41. Secure a sachet to a fan blade to circulate the fragrance throughout your room.
  42. Attach sachets to gym equipment for an uplifting workout.
  43. Place in your sock drawer to mask stinky odors.
  44. Hang sachets on hangers in your coat closet.
  45. Clip to the back of the toilet for a fresh bathroom scent.
  46. Keep in your pantry to combat food odors.
  47. Keep with your scarves, hats, and gloves between uses. 
  48. Tuck sachets in the pockets of your winter coats during the off-season.
  49. Hang sachets near windows to infuse incoming air with fragrance.
  50. Place them in a guest bedroom for a welcoming atmosphere.
  51. Tuck sachets into your gardening gloves for a pleasant surprise.
  52. Store in mailbox to greet you when you gather your letters.
  53. Use sachets as aromatherapy to help relieve stress and anxiety.
  54. Place sachets under sofa cushions for a fragrant living room.
  55. Keep in your car trunk for fragrant tail-gating.
  56. Tuck sachets in your children's backpacks for a delightful surprise.
  57. Place sachets inside your medicine cabinet.
  58. Keep near your nursing chair to create a comforting ambiance.
  59. Place in first aid kit to keep it smelling fresh.
  60. Slip behind the bathroom mirror for a hidden aromatic touch.
  61. Place them near your crafting area to inspire creativity.
  62. Hang on your drying rack to infuse your clothes with a pleasant scent as they dry.
  63. Place in your golf bag for a fresh day on the course.
  64. Tuck sachets into your reusable shopping bags.
  65. Slip in storage bins for baby's toys to keep them smelling fresh.
  66. Hang sachets in your closet of cleaning supplies to counteract odors.
  67. Tuck near the toilet brush holder to maintain freshness.
  68. Store in your return air vent for circulated scent.
  69. Slip them into the pockets of winter scarves and hats.
  70. Place on your workbench for a pleasant atmosphere during projects.
  71. Stash under a welcome mat to greet your guests.
  72. Tuck sachets in your gift-wrapping supplies to add a scented touch to presents.
  73. Place on garage storage shelves to infuse the area with fragrance.
  74. Tuck near your lawnmower to combat gasoline and oil odors.
  75. Place sachets on your bedside table for a soothing scent before sleep.
  76. Frame the artwork of our hand-painted sachets.
  77. Tuck sachets into your picnic basket for a fragrant outdoor meal.
  78. Keep sachets in your toolbox to prevent mustiness in tools.
  79. Slip them into the pages of your favorite recipe book.
  80. Store a fruity scent in your wine rack.
  81. Hang sachets on hooks in your utility room.
  82. Tuck sachets into your gym locker to combat odors.
  83. Keep sachets in your beach bag to counteract mildew odors.
  84. Stash on your shoe rack to keep all your shoes smelling fresh.
  85. Keep by the front door to welcome visitors with a fresh aroma.
  86. Keep sachets in your yoga mat bag for a calming aroma.
  87. Place sachets in your holiday decorations storage to keep them smelling fresh.
  88. Hang sachets in your music room or studio for an inspiring atmosphere.
  89. Tuck sachets into your camping gear to counteract outdoor scents.
  90. Place sachets in your storage bins for seasonal clothing.
  91. Tuck sachets into your gardening apron for a fragrant touch.
  92. Keep sachets in your sports gear bag to prevent odors.
  93. Keep sachets in your coffee nook to enhance morning rituals.
  94. Store in your attic to avoid musty odors.
  95. Tuck in a magazine rack for a softly scented living space. 
  96. Place a sachet near any space that has fire or water damage
  97. Keep in your briefcase or laptop bag to make work more fun.
  98. Clip near your pet’s litterbox. 
  99. Store in a classroom to keep your space smelling fresh.
  100. Use in a dorm room where candles are not allowed.
  101. Keep your children's backpacks, papers, and school supplies smelling great.
  102. Use as scented placeholders for your dinner parties.
  103. Empty contents onto rug and promptly vacuum.

Fresh Scents scented sachets add the perfect touch of fragrance to life’s stinky spaces. From your closet to your car, these little packets are designed to make your spaces smell great. Whether you're looking to mask odors, create a calming atmosphere, or simply enjoy a new favorite scent, these sachets have you covered. Explore these 103 uses and discover how Fresh Scents sachets can eliminate life’s unwanted odors.


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