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Are Sachets Good for the Environment?

Are Sachets Good for the Environment?

Did you know, the fragrance industry generates millions of single use containers every year? Most of these end up in landfills, or on beaches. When it comes to home fragrance, envelope sachets are one of the best options to maximize fragrance while maintaining a minimal footprint.

Envelope sachets are traditionally made of quality paper that diffuses fragrance over a period of time. Because the primary packaging material is paper, the final product is 100% biodegradable. Paper not only requires less energy to produce, but it is also significantly more temporal than the average candle, diffuser, or spray bottle. Most annealed glass containers take hundreds of thousands of years to decompose, compared to the couple of months it takes paper to decompose. At Fresh Scents, we choose to source our paper from 30% recycled materials to further reduce waste. By opting for higher quality sachets that have an extended lifespan (for Fresh Scents that's up to nine months) you are reducing the frequency of purchase and reducing the amount consumed. Because sometimes, less really is more. 

Another important factor to consider when looking at fragrance and the environment is ingredients. Most candles you burn have a paraffin wax base. This wax is harvested through de-waxing oil -- an energy intensive, highly invasive process. Not to mention, it depletes petroleum, an exhaustive resource. Even aerosol room sprays, containing compressed gases, have been linked to changes in the ozone layer. At Fresh Scents, sachets are primarily fueled by vermiculite. Vermiculite is a naturally occurring mineral that is extracted from soil (sort of like a fancy dirt). In potting mixes, it's used for moisture retention to prevent plants from being overwatered. In the same way, vermiculite in sachets is used for fragrance retention. The vermiculite absorbs the fragrance oils and helps the envelope retain its fragrance for months at a time. Because vermiculite is a renewable, natural resource, it's poses little harvesting stress on the environment. We recommend choosing non-toxic, paraben and phthalate free formulas to accompany this resource. This ensures that the fragrance is not only supporting the environment but is holistically safe for use.

Lastly, sachets have a smaller carbon footprint than traditional fragrance products. The average sachet weighs less than a pound, meaning that more products can be effectively shipped in a standard shipping vehicle. Excessive packaging and shipping materials weigh down vehicles and force them to work harder, resulting in higher fuel costs and emissions. This means that shipping sachets can not only produce less carbon emissions but are also more affordable to ship than sachet alternatives.

Enjoying fragrance doesn't have to have a negative effect on your environment. If you're looking for home fragrance that fills the air and not the landfills, sachets are a great place to start.

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