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Scented Sachets - Graduation DIY Party

Graduation DIY Party

Graduation season is here, filled with caps, gowns & big possibilities on the horizon. In such a joyful time, there is most definitely the need for celebration. Whether it’s a small get together with close family members or a backyard blowout with all your friends, we’ve put together a simple graduation DIY centerpiece that will add a personalized touch to your gathering. By incorporating our Adventure Mountain scented sachet, you’ll set the stage for encouraging messages of big aspirations and working hard to accomplish your goals. All you’ll need is a bottle, glitter, craft sticks, pictures of your graduate, Fresh Scents Adventure Mountain Sachets, and twine. Follow along with our video below for step-by-step instructions. From my family to yours, congratulations to your graduates!

Yours Truly,

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