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How Do I Keep My Closet Smelling Fresh?

How Do I Keep My Closet Smelling Fresh?

A lack of air circulation makes closets a massive target for still, musty and often stinky air. It's hard to put your best foot forward when it smells like, well, feet. Ditch the dingy closet with these tips:

  • Keep it clean.
    • Is your dirty clothes bin sharing a space with your clean garments? Conveniently keeping a laundry basket in our closet or room is nothing to write home about. But with your used yoga gear being stored next to your out-on-the-town outfit, it's easy for the lines of sweaty socks and just washed jumpsuits to be blurred. Reduce the risk of this stench infiltrating your space by storing your dirty clothes in a separate area such as a mudroom or laundry room.
  • Hang up a sachet.
    • Sachets are a great way to provide fragrance that lasts. Fresh Scents Sachets come with a punched header tag making them easy to hang from a traditional coat hanger. I recommend a fresh fragrance such as Clean Clothes, Let's Stay Home, or White Cotton.
  • Air it out.
    • Lack of air circulation is one of the top contributors for a small space smelling less than ideal. By adding a fan to your closet, you are decreasing the likelihood of mold that sees stagnant and moist air as a breeding ground. Make sure your clothes aren't too crowded so that the air is able to penetrate between garments.
  • Wear your clothes.
    • Ever purchased a sweater from the sale rack that you just had to have, only for it to months later still have the tags hanging from it? Just me? Most of our clothes end up cycling through our space, being worn to work, school, parties, or even the next room over. Unworn clothes are a risk factor for unpleasant smells as they are washed less frequently and experience less air flow. If you find that you still haven't worn a garment within 6 months of purchasing, consider donating it, or at least give it a nice ride in the spin cycle.
  • Shoes toe-tally stink.
    • The shoes in your closet have seen cafeteria floors, hiking excursions, concert mosh pits, and one work out too many. Stash a sachet in your closed toed shoes to prevent these adventurous aromas from permeating through the rest of the closet. I love the cool eucalyptus notes in Refuse to Sink. Remember to also keep damp shoes away from your closet space until thoroughly dry to mitigate the risk of mildew.


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