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How Long Do Sachets Last?

How Long Do Sachets Last?

Whoever said, “Good things don’t last,” had never tried a Fresh Scents Sachet. With powerful fragrance that lasts up to nine months, you’ll have every house guest trying to overstay their welcome. Wanting to make the most of a good thing? There’s a lot to know when it comes to using and enjoying your sachet.

The first and most important rule of fragrance: It’s almost entirely subjective. When I get my favorite sachets (Refuse to Sink or Paris), I can smell the fragrance bursting through the package. One under my car seat is enough fragrance to satisfy me and brighten the morning commute. For you? You may find yourself using two or three to give you that same sweet spot of fragrance. In this same way, personal preference plays a big factor in how long sachets are going to “last”. If you find yourself drawn to high intensity scents, you may need to replace your sachet more often, or at the very least, increase the quantity of sachets you are storing in a given area.

The second greatest effect on fragrance longevity is use. The stinkier the situation, the harder your sachet has to work to scent the space. If you place your sachet in a drawer with clean linens, you may find you still smell the sachet doing its work a year later. Whereas, if you are using a sachet to mask the scent of food scraps in your waste bin, you may find yourself in need of a replacement pretty quickly.

A third factor is the fragrance itself. Each complex Fresh Scents fragrance is composed of fragrance “notes.” Just like the notes of a song combine to make a beautiful melody, so do fragrance notes to create a robust fragrance. Some fragrance notes, like cedarwood, musk, and sandalwood, are known to linger longer and are often referred to as “Base Notes.” Other notes such as citrus, tend to have a faster aeration time. If you find yourself drawn to lighter fragrances, you may also need to replace your fragrance more often.

 Although these factors prove the great variability in sachet lifespan, they can be helpful in discerning what’s best for you and what to expect with your next fragrance purchase.

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