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How NOT to Use a Sachet

How NOT to Use a Sachet

We love sharing creative ways that you can enjoy one of our many scented sachets. But, every now and then, it’s nice to remind everyone of what NOT to do with them. From the mouths of the experts, here are five things we recommend avoiding when it comes to our sachets.

  1. Do Not Open
    1. If you’re unfamiliar with sachets, opening the envelope may feel like the right move. After all, if you got a letter in the mail, wouldn’t you want to see what’s inside? Our enveloped sachets aren’t your standard garden variety thank you note envelopes. Each package is specifically designed to help diffuse the fragrance oils inside over time. If you open the sachet, not only do you risk spilling the oil on an incompatible surface, but you also are shortening the lifespan of our fragrant blends.
  2. Do Not Get Wet
    1. We pride ourselves on helping fragrance almost any space, but we aren’t the perfect match for every Never put your sachet in the shower, sink, etc. where you risk it breaking down with water. Because paper and water are not the perfect match.
  3. Do Not Place on Incompatible Surface
    1. Sachets are the perfect display piece on an entry table, side table, or nightstand. However, we never recommend placing a sachet directly on a wood or finished surface. Instead, try placing the sachets on an easel or coaster to avoid immediate contact. Fragrance and essential oils, like any oil, can stain or discolor upholstery and porous surfaces like wood and natural stone. The damage that may result from placing a sachet directly on such surfaces is an incompatibility and never a hazard or flaw of either material independently.
  4. Do Not Consume
    1. We know, it sounds obvious, but we find it’s worth mentioning. Some of our fragrance smell SO good that people get curious. While all of our fragrance ingredients adhere to strict safety standards set by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA), we never recommend consuming the contents of a sachet.
  5. Do Not Place in a Plastic Bag
    1. There is no “off” switch for our sachets. From the moment they are made in South Carolina they are emitting your favorite fragrances. This means, unfortunately, there isn’t a way to keep your sachet in storage until you are ready to use it. If left in an airtight or plastic bag for too long, it will shorten the lifespan of the fragrance and sour the product. A chemical reaction occurs between the plastic and the fragrance chemicals that would cause the plastic to discolor and produced a gummy/sticky residue. Try out our subscriptions to guarantee you get fresh sachets as soon as you’re running low.

Sachets are the perfect no-mess, no-flame fragrance option. Avoid making these common mistakes and enjoy sachet scents that last up to nine months. Have more questions? Feel free to reach out to us at

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