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Make the Most of Working Remote

Make the Most of Working Remote

Working from home can get a little stinky (especially when your coworker is a dog). Keep your mind focused and space fragranced with these WFH tips.

  1. Pin an inspirational sachet to your bulletin board.
    1. At Fresh Scents, we believe fragrance can be more than a smell, it can also be a part of your decor. That means beautiful, hand-painted designs that match any interior. Need a mood boost to get you through the hump day? Try our new Beleaf in Yourself Bright, floral accords of rose and cherry blossom blend with warm notes of anise, patchouli, and vanilla for a fragrance experience that's truly unforgettable, just like you!
  2. Dress for the occasion.
    1. It can be very tempting to stay in your pajamas on the walk from the bedroom to your desk or office space. Changing your attire helps create a mental separation between work and home. Not to mention, our body is naturally trained to pick up on cues, such as pajamas, and you might find yourself more inclined to doze off with the mental stigma of sleep time.
  3. Fragrance your drawers.
    1. Your desk drawers see a lot. The memo stained with stale coffee, the lingering marks from a broken pen, even the most organized still experience that not-so-fresh burst of fragrance that comes when opening your drawers. Make reaching for a note-taking pen feel like an escape by placing Passion Flower in your desk drawers.
  4. Gear up.
    1. It goes without saying that your home might not have the technology that a traditional office space may provide. That can include a printer, double monitors, lap top stands, or even a wireless mouse. Put your best foot forward and do the research needed to provide a comfortable, efficient space to work in. You may find that these tools differ from in the office. The neighbor mowing their lawn excessively might require investing in noise cancelling headphones. Working from a kitchen table instead of a traditional desk might require adjusting height through various chairs or stands.
  5. Minimize distractions.
    1. Having a television, a fridge full of food, a furry friend, or any of the comforts of home can prove to be a real test of will-power. Try your best to stick to a schedule and only make food at lunch time. If there are too many visual distractions in your space, try to declutter (after your work shift of course).
    2. Scent can also help with concentration. Did you know that the scent of peppermint is proven to invigorate the mind and promote concentration? Get festive and stash a Merry & Bright sachet in your work space. Merry & Bright provides cool, crisp peppermint perfect for mental focus.

Whether you're new to working remotely or just in need of an office reset, these tips can help you stay productive, balanced, and smelling fresh.

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