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Sachet Do's and Don'ts

Sachet Do's and Don'ts

Did you know: Sachets date back all the way to the 15th century? Yet, despite being around for a very long time, there is still a lot of confusion that surrounds them. We’ve worked for the past 40 years (no, not quite 7 centuries) to perfect our fragrance sachet and ensure the best scent experience possible. We’ve learned a lot, and we think it’s only right to share our Do’s and Don’ts of the sachet experience. 


  • Read the back of the sachet packaging.
    • On the back of every sachet is a list of restrictions and safety information to ensure that your sachets, and the spaces they scent, are being cared for. Always read the back of the package before you use our products!
  • Shake for a refresh.
    • While our sachets require no extra steps to fragrance your space, giving the packs a gentle shake reactivates the blend inside and recirculates the scent. Meaning, after you’ve gone nose-blind to how delightful the fragrance is, a shake can help remind you!
  • Find creative ways to fragrance.
    • There are dozens of ways to use a sachet that are unique and totally effective. If you’re looking for something off the beaten path, try simmering the contents of a sachet on the stovetop (don’t forget to add water!). Another tried and true use is with a vacuum. If you have a bag-style vacuum, you can pour the sachet contents directly in there. If not, you can sprinkle the contents on the surface you are cleaning and follow with your regular vacuuming. Want more ideas? Look here!


  • Open.
    • We know, it can be kind of confusing. Unless you are using our sachets in a one-time way (like the vacuum or stove top trick) you are going to want to keep the envelope sealed. This naturally helps diffuse the fragrance inside and increases the lifespan of the scent. Not to mention, you’ll avoid getting our fragrance oil on your hands, furniture, etc.
  • Place directly on wood.
    • Toothpaste and orange juice, caffeine and your toddler, windy days and lip-gloss – some things just weren’t meant to be. That’s how we feel about our sachets and wood surfaces. Do yourself a favor and avoid any damage that could result from this incompatibility. If you want to display your sachet on a wood nightstand, dresser, or entry table, opt for a nice easel instead.
  • Forget to refresh.
    • Our sachets last up to nine months. But sometimes really stinky spaces may require replacing your sachets more frequently. For more on that, read this. We add more fragrances to our site every six months, so by the time you’re ready to refresh your stash, we probably have your next favorite fragrance waiting to be discovered. Make sure you always have fresh fragrances by subscribing to your tried-and-true scents.

TL;DR: Sachets are actually pretty easy (and of course super fragrant). But, if you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at