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Back to School Sachet Uses and Tips

Back to School Sachet Uses & Tips

It’s that time of year again! Summer days by the pool and backyard barbecues are coming to an end and the race to get prepared for back to school has begun. Here’s a few ways to use Fresh Scents to make Back to School smell a little sweeter:

  1. Include a Fresh Scents Scented Sachet in your child’s backpack. Every year as my daughter is packing up her new school supplies, I slip in a Fresh Scents Scented Sachet to keep her backpack smelling fresh and clean. She loves the colorful designs and variety of fragrances. Meanwhile, I’ll be delighted when no matter what she brings home, her backpack will smell fresh!
  2. Keep the classroom smelling fabulous. Sachets are a wonderful flameless option for spreading fresh fragrances in the classroom. Share a sachet with your child’s teacher on the first day of school to help avoid the dreaded classroom funk.

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