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What's Inside a Sachet?

What's Inside a Sachet?

Sugar and spice? Flowers? Dirt? We get a lot of theories on what exactly is in a sachet. While the answer can vary, we thought we’d shut a few of those rumors down.

Just as important as the contents of a sachet are the vessel they are housed in. Two popular options for this are fabric pouches and paper envelopes.  While it’s a matter of personal preference, Fresh Scents opts for paper envelopes that we guarantee are biodegradable and made of recycled materials. These help diffuse the fragrance and can affect the lifespan of the fragrance. If you were to place the same contents in say a bowl, the fragrance is likely to only last a week or so. Whereas, keeping the contents concentrated, contained, and protected from the elements can allow the sachets to last for up to nine months.

Now to the good part – what’s actually inside a sachet envelope? A primary ingredient for sachets are vermiculite. If you’re a green thumb, this may sound familiar to you. Vermiculite is a mineral that is often added to potting soiling to increase water and nutrient retention. In the same way that vermiculite holds onto water, so it holds onto fragrance. In its natural state, vermiculite is odorless, meaning it’s not interfering with the fragrance it is mixed with. It not only helps maintain the scent of the additional ingredients, but it also helps prevent any dampness that result from oils.

The second main component inside a sachet is fragrance. This can come in various forms including essential oils, dried herbs, and other aromatic oils. All of our fragrances are made and mixed in-house to provide consistent quality standards across fragrances. It also allows all of our fragrances to be made non-toxic and paraben and phthalate free. 

Sachets can be fruity, floral, or even spicy. Although the scent of sachets can greatly vary, across the board sachets are made simple with two major ingredients. Vermiculite and fragrance oil helps make the sachets you know and love.

Want to know more on ingredients in specific sachets? Please contact our customer service team at

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