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Where can I buy a sachet?

Where can I buy a sachet?

Interested in flameless fragrance safe for almost any space? Or maybe you’ve found it and can’t wait to get your hands on more. Whatever your reason, if you’re in the market for a Fresh Scents Sachet, you have plenty of options.

The best place to source a sachet is our website, You can use our fragrance family sorter or shop by room tools to narrow down your selection and find your perfect fragrance. In addition, ordering sachets directly from our warehouse guarantees that you are receiving product that is fresh and authentic. Need more convincing? As an email subscriber you receive additional discounts on already affordable prices, making it one of our most budget friendly channels. 

You can also purchase from Amazon. While we do have product available on this channel, we recommend you exercise caution and do your research before purchasing. Always verify who the seller is (usually indicated to the right of the product images). The only sellers authorized to sell on Amazon are Fresh Scents and Amazon direct. Purchasing from unverified sellers could result in old product or even off-brand alternatives.

If you are hoping to shop in person, you can find Fresh Scents in several chain stores such as Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Kirkland’s, and Dollar General. For a full list, click here. These chain stores have exclusive designs that are not offered anywhere else. If you're not sure if the fragrance you are looking for is exclusive to this channel, feel free to send a photo to our customer service team at, and they would be happy to direct you to a point of purchase. 

Prefer to support local business? We are also located in several independent retail stores across the country. You can use our store locator tool to find one nearest to you. Bonus to shopping in person: it gives you the opportunity to smell our various irresistible fragrances and find what suits you best. If you are interested in carrying sachets in your store, visit here.

Believe it or not, Fresh Scents is also available international. You can find Fresh Scents around the globe, although we don’t ship direct from our website outside of the United States. To find an international dealer in your country, you can send us a message at, or chat with us via our web widget.

There are a multitude of ways to use a Fresh Scents Sachet to fragrance your space, and a multitude of ways to make your next purchase. If there’s any doubt, we’re here to help. Visit the help center on our website, send us a DM on Instagram, or even call us!

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