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Why Fall is Better Than Summer

Why Fall is Better Than Summer

Fall is better than summer, and there's just no denying it. Do you see sweat rings under my arms? No. Coincidence? I think NOT. Am I generally angry, flustered, and a little thirsty? No. You know why? Because there's a Pumpkin Spice Latté in my hand, a soft breeze blowing my hair back like a Pantene ad, and I feel like a brand new woman every time leaves crunch under my booties.


Fall is the time when we get to take a deep inhale and not cough on a gnat. It's that sweet in-between time when you get to indulge in the best flavors, like cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg, but you're not tired of them yet. The kids are still in school. We've finally gotten into a groove, and we're ready to make the house feel as festive as the season! Decorating for fall is the expression of our whole family's excitement for the fun to come in the next few months.


Here's how we're making fall officially better than summer in our house.


1) We're baking pumpkin bread and swapping that for the usual granola bar in our lunches.

2) We're buying those cute pumpkins at the store, and we're making some awesome jack-o-lanterns out of those guys.

3) We're turning down the air conditioning and paying a smaller power bill.

4) We're ditching the wall plug-ins and getting our favorite seasonal sachets to make every room smell pumpkiny, spicy, or sweet!

5) We're buying candy to give trick-or-treaters, and we're saving half of it for ourselves.

Do you agree that fall is the best? If not, feel free to give customer service a call so they can debate the matter with you. (Just kidding fam, please don't do that. They will ultimately try to sell you sachets.)


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