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Scented sachet display on Walmart Shelf

Maximize Your Retail Growth with Active Scent

Maximize Your Retail Growth with Active Scent

Feeling the squeeze of slowing sales figures? In today's competitive retail environment, grabbing customer attention requires innovative strategies. But what if the key to unlocking impulse purchases and boosting sales has been right under your nose (literally) all along? 

Disrupt the Shopper’s Status Quo

Picture this: You’re walking into a store and are immediately greeted by a sensory overload. There's the music playing softly in the background, and strategically placed displays entice you with their flashy promotions and must-have deals. Everywhere you turn, there's a visual reminder of what you should buy, what you should want, and why you should want it.

In the fast-paced world of retail, category buyers are faced with the challenge of standing out in a crowded marketplace. According to studies by Microsoft Corporation, people now generally lose concentration after eight seconds. Traditional marketing tactics are no longer enough to cut through the noise and create meaningful connections with customers.

That’s where active scent comes in. Studies suggest active scent and scent marketing can significantly impact your bottom line. Why? Unlike visual or auditory cues, scent has a unique ability to bypass conscious filters and evoke immediate emotional responses. Making active scent a powerful yet often overlooked tool that has the potential to revolutionize the way major chains connect with customers by cutting through the noise with the nose.

By strategically integrating scent into the retail environment, retailers can cut through the clutter and capture the attention of customers in a way that feels authentic and memorable. Whether it's by evoking nostalgia, triggering positive emotions, or simply creating a more pleasant atmosphere, scent has the power to transform the shopping experience and leave a lasting impression on customers. Ultimately, leading to a growth of category sales. In fact, research by POPAI (2017) indicates that scent marketing can increase sales by up to 11%, while InStore Magazine (2016) found it can boost customer satisfaction by 20%.

How do you strategically integrate scent into the retail experience?

“If a place smells bad, visitors don’t want to stay. But if it has a pleasing odor, visitors are more likely to remain there longer.” – Alan R. Hirsch, M.D., F.A.C.P

  1. Placement: According to the Journal of Consumer Research, the product level that has the greatest propensity to capture shoppers attention is between eye level and the shoppers waist  – ensuring that the products are within quick reach, and smell. 
  2. Packaging: Scent may stop the shopper in their tracks, but the product should be relevant enough to inspire action rather than simply sensory disruption. Product packaging is therefore often as relevant as the fragrance itself.
  3. Complexity: A study conducted by the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation revealed that complex scents with nostalgic elements can evoke strong emotional responses, leading to increased brand loyalty and repeat purchases. Simple fragrances like orange, can remind a shopper of a significant memory, initially casting interest, but combining with notes of various categories creates a novel experience that can become complementary to the store’s brand identity.

Where do you start with active scent?

Active fragrance relies on natural air movement to deliver fragrance. Products like scented sachets, diffusers, and other air fresheners are designed to emit fragrance continuously over an extended period, often lasting for months without the need for retailer or shopper intervention. This active scent, therefore, is the most relevant form of scent marketing for ensuring pattern disruption to the average in-store shopper. 

Unlocking the Potential of Active Scent

Active Scent represents a powerful solution to the challenges faced by major retail chains in today's competitive landscape. By understanding the impact of scent on consumer behavior and strategically incorporating scent into their stores, retailers can create immersive brand experiences that drive engagement and foster loyalty. In a world where consumers can tune out the noise, scent speaks volumes. 

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In a world where consumers can tune out the noise, scent speaks volumes.