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30 Bucket List Ideas for Spring

30 Bucket List Ideas for Spring

Flowers, sunshine, fresh scents for your spring clean – ‘tis the season of all things bright and right. We’re celebrating with some of our favorite spring activities perfect for all ages. Say see you later to the winter blues, and start celebrating the season of pastel hues:

  1. Visit a farmer’s market
  2. Buy a bouquet of fresh, local flowers
  3. Deep clean your house (or just spray some room spray for a refresh)
  4. Plant an indoor house plant in a fun pot
  5. Open all the windows and feel the breeze
  6. Dance in the rain (because April showers bring May flowers)
  7. Write a “thinking of you” letter to an old friend (and include an encouraging sachet inside)
  8. Try a new recipe
  9. Get brunch with your best friends
  10. Take a hike (and don’t forget to stash a sachet in your stinky boots afterwards)
  11. Wake up early to see the sunrise
  12. Volunteer locally
  13. Visit a botanical garden when the flowers are in bloom
  14. Lie in the grass and cloud watch
  15. Go to a u-pick flower farm
  16. Declutter your closet (and hang a sachet for just-washed freshness)
  17. Start a spring reading list or challenge
  18. Make your own bird food
  19. Go through a car wash (or do it yourself)
  20. Go to a pond or lake and feed ducks
  21. Travel someplace new (even if it’s locally)
  22. Host a barbecue with friends and family
  23. Dye easter eggs
  24. Host a yard sale (or shop from one instead)
  25. Fly a kite on a windy day
  26. Wear a floral sundress
  27. Go camping (or glamping)
  28. Take family photos
  29. Celebrate earth day and plant a tree
  30. Go on a bike ride in the sunshine

Whether you only check off one or you do a clean sweep, this list will guide you perfectly into spring. Soon enough it will be summer and we can’t wait to bask in all the memories made (and all the stinky spaces saved) this spring. 

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