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Fragrance Your Fall With Fresh Scents

Fragrance Your Fall With Fresh Scents

Who doesn’t want their home to smell like a warm hug of fall fragrance? With Fresh Scents fall sachets you can decorate and scent your space for the season on a budget. Looking for tips? Keep reading!

  1. Delightful décor.
    1. Spice up your décor with a hand-painted fall sachet. Our designs are meant to be seen & smelled, and create a festive, cozy vibe in seconds. Prop your sachet on an easel, store with your throw blankets, or put in your mud room for a fresh burst of fragrance without compromising your aesthetic.
  2. Front door greeting.
    1. Greet your guests with a fragrant welcome by storing your sachet under your welcome mat or with your fall wreath on the front door. Fall is the season of welcoming, and sachets can make that look and smell a little sweeter.
  3. Cooks in the kitchen.
    1. What’s better than freshly baked pie on a cool fall day? How about the smell without the work? Instead of busting out the baking tray, opt for one of our fragrant, sweet and spicy blends reminiscent of your favorite kitchen dishes. Autumn Leaves smells just like your grandma’s made from scratch pumpkin pie. Fuel your nostalgia and the warmth of holiday cooking with a sachet.
  4. Hostess with the mostess.
    1. Fall is the season of hosting: dinner parties, costume parties, slumber parties. Fresh Scents fall sachets make the perfect party favor or hostess gift. Theme your sachet around the theme of your event or get an inspirational sachet to thank your host.
  5. Say farewell to fall.
    1. When the season is closing, there is no better way to say farewell to fall than with a fall sachet. Make sure next season smells even sweeter by slipping a sachet into your storage bins filled with your autumn decorations. Get a burst of fall fragrance when you next open it up.

Fall is the season of change ­– from the weather, the leaves, even clothes. Why shouldn’t your fragrance change, too? Incorporate seasonal sachet scents into your autumn plans for a cozy refresh.

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