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Home Fragrance by Room

Home Fragrance by Room

Create a mood and a moment with scented, versatile sachets perfect for every room in the house. Finding the perfect fit is as easy as choosing a room — follow our short guide below to start filling your home with true-to-life, long-lasting, effortless fragrance wherever you need it.

Kitchen: Citrus

Citrus fragrances cut through unwanted odors like food waste and leave a fresh aroma. There’s a reason that so many cleaning products are scented with lemon! These citrus scents are inspired by the recipes being crafted. The zest of a lemon transport and compliment the heart of the home. Because let’s be honest, home is where your favorite comfort meal lives.

For the kitchen, we recommend Bee Happy. Bee Happy is buzzing with notes of fresh-pressed lemon and a touch of golden honey for added sweetness. 

Bedroom: Herbal

Create the perfect space for a good night’s rest. Essential oils like lavender or eucalyptus act as natural anxiety reducers and aid with relaxation and sleep. A sachet slipped between the mattress or in your nightstand with a calming, herbal blend will help promote some much-needed shut-eye.

For the bedroom, we recommend Lavender. Lavender is a soft, sweet, and herbaceous scent that’s great for promoting peace and rejuvenation.

Bathroom: Marine & Clean

A stinky bathroom? Totally not on our agenda for 2023. Your bathroom is one of the most important places to put some needed cleaning TLC into. A fresh, marine-scented sachet is perfect for masking unwanted odors and making it smell like cleaning day is every day.

For the bathroom, we recommend Watermark. Watermark is one of our best-sellers for a reason! Overflowing with watery green florals, refreshing citrus, and soft, warm notes of Amber, this fragrance takes you on a sunset cruise on crisp, blue waters.

Living Room: Amber & Woodsy

Living rooms are for cozy cuddles on the couch! Curl up with a blanket and a warm, woodsy fragrance to let the stress roll right off of you. It makes sense that the place you gather should smell as warm and inviting as you work to make it with your décor. A sachet makes the perfect accompaniment in a blanket basket, even chicly displayed on an easel.

For the living room, we recommend Let’s Stay Home. Home is where love resides, memories are created, and friends are always welcome! Let's Stay Home unites relaxing notes of lavender and jasmine with a warm base of amber and musk to turn your home into a special place that makes you feel calm and refreshed!

There’s a scent for every space, and we’re proud to have nearly 30+ fragrances to fit perfectly. Whether fun and floral, cool and calm eucalyptus, revitalizing citrus, or warm and woodsy, you’re sure to find the perfect sachet.

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