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The Perfect Galentine's Get Together

The Perfect Galentine's Get Together

Gather your gals, give romance the cold shoulder, and celebrate the love that never ends. Galentine’s day is on its way; there are so many ways to let the ladies in your life know they are the stars of the show. Here’s our guide to a celebration of friendship, laughter, and memories on one of our favorite newly minted holidays.

Set a dress code:

We all know you’ll be wanting to post a thousand photos of your evening of fun. Why not elevate the look and coordinate outfits? We love a bit of color coordination that allows your friends to express their personal style, but also keep some flow to the fit. Comfort more your speed? Don’t fret! PJ parties are just as fun, and a whole lot comfier.

Three women in pink and red shades hold hands and walk outside

Scent the space:

There’s a lot of science behind scent – but we’ll give you the spark notes. The region of your brain that juggles smell, fragrance, and emotion is very much intertwined. This means that fragrance not only has the special power to transport you to a different time or memory, but it also can affect the emotions you experience in the present. For instance, lavender has been shown to promote relaxation while citrus scents prove to be more invigorating. Whatever the atmosphere you are hoping to create, stashing sachets throughout your home or event space can help trigger our senses and set the mood.

Choose Happy pink sachet sitting on white side table.

Set the table:

Focusing on standing while eating, clearing the space, or who to chat with are all unnecessary stressors that can be brought on without a proper place to enjoy your food. Using a table setting enhances the experience and quality of the meal. So, the only thing you have to be worried about is sitting and chowing down. Don’t have a ton of dishware to dress the table up? A sachet is the perfect affordable centerpiece to coordinate your serve ware and add a festive touch.

Strong Smart Brave pink and orange sachet sits on formal dining serveware

Spruce it up:

What better way to set the stage than with some colorful décor? Try adding a photo wall to allow the opportunity to show off your dress code. Don’t forget props! Some staples we have major heart eyes over:

  • Fun-themed banners (hint, you can totally DIY these)
  • Disco balls – so fun and trending right now
  • Felt letter board: bonus points for witty quotes

The options are literally endless.

Galentines photo area set up. Pink and disco balls

Say thanks:

You came, you party-ed, you conquered. Don’t let your guests leave empty-handed! Giving favors as a parting gift is the perfect memento to remember a fun night. We recommend one of our inspirational sachets like “Strong Smart Brave” – the perfect ode to a girl-powered night. Not only are they super on brand with the celebration of sisterhood, but sachets are also super affordable. You can purchase a 3-pk for just $6.99.

Girls over guys, sisters over misters – you get the point. Don’t stress about pulling together a shindig for your girl squad. Enjoy a night of laughter, leisure, and friendship with these party planning tips.

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